What Is Adara?

The platform is a new intelligent financial system built on specialized blockchain technology. The crypto exchange portion of the ecosystem is ready to for investors to use right now. It’s being released as the first piece of the pie in the Adara Financial system.

The company is developing an algorithm-based cryptocurrency for trading. They leverage off the mot advanced security protocols for the use of the tokens. The financial blockchain technology environment on the platform is featured as a high-yield investment for use with different investment products. It is used to combine the reliable aspects that comes with older tools but is mixed with the convenient operations of virtual property.

How Does Adara Trade, Exchange, Invest & Crypto Wallet Work?

Security is one of the fundamental foundation protocols for the Adara system. They are employing the most sought after legal professionals who have experience in cryptocurrency and blockchains to help blockchain technology and security. They are doing everything that can to stay in compliancy with worldwide regulations and laws.

By keeping everything in order, Adara’s ecosystem is able to offer altcoins with cryptocurrencies and other pieces of liquid property that work as the underlying assets for venture funds, startup tech and other investments. And it’s because of their legal standpoint and tech abilities that the platform can be monetized and able to grow in a real-world setting.

The new online assets operate with a minimal amount of costs as well. And there is a community around the Adara system that is ideal for creating a community of open-minded and passionate people who can invest with the platform and help improve the innovative technologies they platform uses throughout the digital regulations.

The company operates with a global blockchain technology, as applied at the investment process for all investments and return with the blockchain technology. The Adara Financial Platform uses the most important, real-time investments to be used on the exchanges and to improve the value of cryptocurrency on a worldwide scale that is backed by physical assets.

The investing algorithm is used to keep the specific investments of users at the best levels of returns. They are based on portfolio diversification and profits. The investment is structured to create beneficial effects on the Adara platform.

There is the exchange on the Adara Crypto Exchange, one that has already been developed with a UAE license. The crypto trading platform is used for investing with cryptocurrency assets. There is also the maximum level of automated investment strategies. They are based on algorithms and artificial intelligence, designed to help improve profits. And the cryptocurrency wallet provided by the platform works with several different coins.


  • The Total amount of Adara coins is 1,000,000.000 AAA.
  • The Token sale is 35.2%,
  • The Reserve liquidity fund is 30%,
  • The Founders & team fund is 20%,
  • The Incentive and bounty fund is 7%,
  • The Advisors fund is 5%,
  • The Partnerships fund is 2.8%.

Who Is Behind Adara?

Adara is backed by a team of advisors and leaders that have a strong foundation leadership and innovation.


  • Olga Petrunina – CEO
    • CEO and Founder Visatohome
    • CFO at
  • Ira Erokhina – COO
    • CEO Localway (A Russian version of Yelp)
    • Awarded Multiple Russian Awards for App Development
  • Artem Taradash – CPO
  • Mikhail Granin – CTO
  • Alexey Olin – Head Of Business Development
  • Ivan Novikov – Head Of Security


  • Marissa Kim – Co-Founder & Partner at ARK
  • Kim Tae Chul – VP At Korean Venture Business Association (KOVA)
  • Alexander Fain – Founder of Alfa Group Consortium
  • Yuriy Pripachkin – President At RAСIB
  • Bogdan Alexandrescu – Tech Lead At Apple

You can see their full bio's here:

You can see an interview at the Blockchain Unbound Conference with the Olga (CEO) and Ira (COO)

Adara (AAA Token) Conclusion

The Adara financial blockchain ecosystem is a multi-faceted company that aims to be the NASDAQ of cryptocurrency world. With the team behind the platform, this is sure to be a company to watch.

Adara's global vision of simple and smart investment access to “main street” investor via assets management infrastructure with AI driven crypto wallet.  Adara also provides access to investing in the development of assets, security tokens and commodities, which has traditionally only been available to sophisticated investors, legally-compliant framework for structuring asset-backed tokens will bring a lot of attractive investment opportunities into the digital asset economy and to investors.

The investment is structured to create beneficial effects on the Adara platform. AAA is based on algorithms and Artificial Intelligence, designed to improve profits. The AI investing algorithm is used to keep the specific investments of users at the best levels of returns.


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