What Is AdBank?

AdBank is a powerful online Advertising Platform that makes the ability to work without the assistance of a middleman. They wanted to make a place where people could make more money and do things in a simpler way. Advertisers will be able to get into advertising fast and easy without a lot of dealing with other third parties.

How Does AdBank Work?

It works in way that publishers make more profit. They basically will sell your ad space on your website and then keep more of the ad revenue and they will never have to deal with advertisers themselves. Advertisers will be able to pay less and get more out of each ad. By eliminating the middle man, publishers will make more money and be able to charge less money to people running ads.

It is said that this will also dramatically reduce the chance of advertising fraud. Three is a patent pending AI oracle apparently that is a person committing frauds worst nightmare. They will open up API, so you can also use them as well.

They claim it is a completely transparent and easy to follow network. The open source network is built entirely on Ethereum, so you know you are also getting what you are paying for. Apparently, there are a lot of problems plaguing the industry. Media buyers can even get kick backs from different ad platforms with client’s money and they pocket it without anyone ever finding out. The rebates hurt advertisers and the client’s and the middle man makes all the profits. There are more then billions of dollars a year worth of these fraudulent thefts.

And while all this is happening, the publishers are completely powerless. Almost 50% of all the digital ad revenue is lost through the ad buying ecosystem. And it happens prior to it even hitting the publishers. It’s strange since the publishers controls the audience that everyone is trying to get in front of, but the hands of publishers are completely tied.

Different ad networks fuel the fire and they use tactics like click farms and ad stacking. This basically burns billions of dollars a year in advertiser spending. The middle men who control the ad and the buying process are the only ones who have the data and can audit it.

Basically, people are wasting too much time and money on a media supply chain with poor, standards adoption. There are too many players setting their own standards and too many of them have hidden costs and pockets. They are basically criminals who are trying to rip people off. They claim that ad fraud will reach more than 50 billion in the next 10 years. That’s more money than it costs to solve problems with world hunger which they claim is around 30 billion and to solve the homelessness situation in the United States which is about 20 billion.

AdBank Conclusion

The AdBank system is designed to help people be protected when running advertisements. They are a global company and are likely going to protect a lot of people from fraud that is sweeping the industry. The solution is that there is effectively no middle man to speak of now. And people can advertise at cheaper cost to more effective markets.

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