AdBlurb ADBL ICO Review

Adblurb claims to be in the imminent stages for launching a network that will challenge the traditional marketing methods that businesses rely on around the world. Adblurb will make use of its own internal cryptocurrency (Adblurb coin) that can be used for connecting advertisers and customers around the world.

Adblurb will apparently be easy to use and with low network fees, together with a host of unique features that will allow advertisers to better interact with their target audiences.

The Adblurb platform will offer a decentralized platform that is secure, transparent, and provides open access.

How Will Adblurb Work?

Each click and impression will be exchanged for an Adblurb currency. And with its easy and transparent platform, this then makes it easier to navigate for end users and customers, as well as providing a simple gateway between publishers and customers.

Benefits to Advertisers

At the moment, merchants are forced to pay middlemen to service their advertising needs. As a consequence of this fact, merchants pay on average 55% more than usual, just for the use of the service. Unlike this traditional platform, Adblurb doesn’t make use of middlemen.

Another benefit is that the Adblurb network is 100% decentralized in nature, which means that merchants will be able to trust their affiliates and other partners they work with

Benefits for Affiliate Marketers

The downside to the affiliate marketing platforms currently seen now is that they are not user friendly. A key issue that Adblurb solves is that it eliminates the possibility of late payouts. The system has total transparency with its own tokens, allowing instant payouts whenever the situation arises.

Ad Marketplace

With Adblurb, publishers and advertisers work with smart contracts for verifying contracts. This allows buys and sells to be conducted automatically, and without having to rely on the trustworthiness of either party.

AdBlurb ADBL ICO Token Distribution

Adblurb tokens and raised funds via ETH will be distributed separately.

70% of the tokens will be ready for investors to purchase in the 3 month ICO service, while 30% will be reserved for the team, advisors, affiliates, and Adblurb tool.

  • Adblurb Team: 10%
  • Advisors: 10%
  • Bounty: 5%
  • Adblurb Tool: 5%
  • ICO: 70%
  • Total: 100,000,000 tokens


  • Presale: 1/3/2018 to 31/3/2018
  • Pre-ICO: 1/4/2018 to 30/4/2018
  • ICO Phase 1: 1/5/2018 to 15/5/2018
  • ICO Phase 2: 16/5/2018 to 30/5/2018

AdBlurb ADBL ICO Summary

Adblurb claims to be an innovator in the space of marketing through the use of marketing and the Ethereum blockchain. While its use case looks promising, only time will tell if the market react will react positively to Adblurbs entry.

Nevertheless, Adblurb could turn out to be the next best thing for businesses and marketing firms to take advantage of, especially since it eliminates the vital component of trust from the equation, literally replacing it with a smart contract and other features of the Ethereum blockchain.

The pre-sale for Adblurb starts on the 1st of March, 2018. Current price is 1 ETH = 8000 ADBL with a 20% bonus for each new sale that goes through the platform.

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