If you heard about AdCoinClick and you shrugged it off as some type of scam, we would not necessarily blame you. This company has an awful name, that’s sure, but does it have more than what meets the eye when you see its generic and bland name? Is this a legit company? Discover that and more in our review.

What is AdCoin Click?

AdCoin Click is both a cryptocurrency (AdCoin) and a platform created to reunite advertisers and publishers. It enables both sides to work together and profit from their business. While the publishers receive direct payouts to their wallets for showing ads to the visitors of their sites, the advertisers are able to start their campaigns quickly.

How to Use AdCoinClick?

If you are going to use the platform, it can radically change whether you are a publisher or an advertiser looking for someone to place your ads.

In the case that you are an advertiser, the company can certainly offer you some interesting options. It has something called the “5-minute launch” which are payments that are made with the blockchain of the AdCoinClick tokens and are almost immediate and have zero fees.

If you want to promote your ICO, for instance, you can easily use the platform to find the best publishers that will suit your needs for you to get a crypto audience with precise targeting. It is important to notice that even if you can use this platform to advertise for anything, the main focus of the platform would be the cryptocurrency market, so you will find more publishers from this area.

In case you are the publisher, you can also have benefits. The payments are 100% sure and transparent on the platform, so you do not have to worry about not being paid. Also, you do not need to pay anything to use the platform, you just register and you can use it to find new clients for your business.

As the platform already has many top tier publishers, your peers will be in a great number, you will have access to top tier companies as well that may be interested in you.

You can even use this company if you are a developer. The API of the AdCoinClick platform is free, so you can use to develop third-party apps for this platform in case you like it and you want to profit from it.

How to Buy AdCoin Click (ACC) Tokens?

At the moment, it looks like you will have to buy the ACC tokens directly from the company or from major exchanges like Cryptopia. There was never a sale for ACC tokens like a proper ICO. Since the platform is already complete, it is simply selling the tokens directly to the clients, as they will need them to use the platform anyway.

At the moment, the price of the ACC token is about $0.14 USD per token. The price can be very volatile, so it might change at any day. You can pay with USD, EUR, BTC, ETH, LTC and DASH.

The AdCoinClick Verdict

It does not look like AdCoinClick is a scam or a bad company, it just has a silly name. That’s good news because it means that this can be another option for you in case you are interested in online ads.

The platform looks good enough for both the sides and it also looks fairly secure. Because of this, we suppose that you will not regret using this platform as an easy way to find matches for ad campaigns if that is your objective.

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