AdCoin wants to be the cryptocurrency standard for advertisers, publishers, and online businesses. Find out how it works today in our AdCoin review.

What Is AdCoin?

AdCoin is a cryptocurrency designed to make the advertising industry more efficient. The official website describes how advertising in regular currency “is cost intensive” and publishers get paid just a few pennies per click. With AdCoin, both advertisers and publishers can profit and save costs.

AdCoin is built on Litecoin’s open-source blockchain. The organization was founded by people with backgrounds in economics and finance. They claim to create value with AdCoin by partnering up with advertising platforms. Those advertising platforms represent a cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-mille (CPM) value based on the current value of AdCoin.

The developers have already pre-mined 70% of the total market cap of 100 million AdCoins. 60% of pre-mined coins will be distributed to AdCoin advertising partners, while the other 10% is distributed in 4 equal-sized wallets that will be used to further develop and market AdCoin as a currency.

The remaining 30% of unmined AdCoin are available to be mined by anyone.

AdCoin’s development began in March 2017. The company was founded by a group of Dutch entrepreneurs. In the future, AdCoin wants to replace fiat currencies and traditional banks as the default currency used in the advertising industry. Instead of relying on costly payment methods, advertisers can use AdCoin’s cheap, fast, Litecoin-based platform to send and receive payments internationally.

How Does AdCoin Work?

AdCoin has a goal of becoming the number one advertising coin used worldwide. It promises to bring real value to the world of online marketing, reducing costs for advertisers and increasing profits for publishers.

AdCoin is built upon Litecoin’s open source technology. Litecoin is a peer-to-peer internet currency known for its cheap transaction fees and fast speeds. It’s an open source, global payment network secured by mathematics. Using Litecoin allows AdCoin to offer low transaction fees and overhead costs.

Obviously, traditional advertising networks like AdSense use credit cards and traditional currencies as payment methods. This can lead to high transaction costs for advertisers and publishers.

To prove its value, AdCoin plans to generate clicks, leads, and customers within advertising networks like Google AdSense.

AdCoin Crypto Info

  • Algorithm: Script
  • Type: PoW
  • RPC Port: 19500
  • P2P Port: 19499
  • Block Reward: 25 AdCoins
  • Block Halving: 600000 blocks
  • Total Coin Supply: 100000000 coins
  • Coinbase Maturity: 20 blocks
  • Target Spacing: 5 minutes
  • Target Timespan: 10 minutes
  • Transaction Confirmations: 6 blocks
  • Seednodes: &

Currently, AdCoin can be mined through two pools. You can join the AdCoin mining pool or join the third party OnePool mining pool.

Alternatively, if you want to buy AdCoins, you can do so from the official website, where they charge an exchange rate of $0.25 USD per ACC.

About AdCoin

AdCoin launched in March 2017. The company had its first meetings with advertisers in April 2017, and completed its infrastructure setup in July. Before the end of July, AdCoin introduced itself to the public, pre-mined the coins, and sent applications to trading and exchange platforms.

The company’s first collaboration is scheduled for August 1, 2017, while the Blockchain Explorer will be available in September. AdCoin is launching mobile wallets in October 2017 (the desktop wallet is already available for free download from

AdCoin was founded by a group of Dutch entrepreneurs with backgrounds in economics and finance. You can contact the development team by email at [email protected]

AdCoin Conclusion

AdCoin just introduced itself to the world in the middle of July 2017, so there isn’t much information about the company available online (development only began in March 2017). The Netherlands-based company aims to change the way advertisers and publishers interact with one another.

So far, the platform consists mostly of the AdCoin currency. 70% of the currency’s total supply has already been pre-mined, with the remaining 30% available to miners.

Overall, there’s limited information about AdCoin available online at this time, aside from its cryptographic information. the company does not have a whitepaper, and their roadmap doesn’t go beyond October 2017 (which is when the company plans to launch mobile wallets).

Nevertheless, AdCoin hopes to change the advertising ecosystem for the better by working as the default payment platform for advertisers and publishers. Instead of relying on costly payment platforms – like traditional banks and card payments, advertising professionals can use AdCoin to minimize costs.

You can learn more about the cryptocurrency today at

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Coin Market Cap Price Change 24 Hour Volume
BTC $154.88B $8,738.0004 8.96% $8.67B
ETH $28.47B $267.9576 7.22% $3.07B
XRP $17.26B $0.4099 6.67% $751.54M
BCH $7.72B $433.3526 7.97% $565.18M
LTC $7.08B $114.2770 11.90% $1.45B
EOS $6.36B $6.9629 9.58% $993M
BNB $4.86B $34.4242 2.42% $339.57M
USDT $3.1B $1.0061 0.25% $7.64B
XLM $2.57B $0.1331 6.74% $64.72M
ADA $2.23B $0.0860 6.55% $87.81M

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