Addap’s is a blockchain-based multi-browsing platform available for iOS and Android. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is Addap’s?

Addap’s is a mobile app available for iOS and Android. The development team recently scheduled a public crowdsale for its ABT tokens for January 2018.

The team describes Addap’s as “an online environment of multiple tabs” or a “multi-browsing platform”. What does that really mean?

Basically, the Addap’s dashboard consists of multiple tabs, with each tab acting as an infinitely scrollable board. You can place as many windows as you like into each board, and each window functions as an independent browsing session. You can move, resize, and pin windows to customize your tab.

You might have windows for your email, for example, for media players (movies, TV shows, and radio players), photos, files, apps, and more. All of these windows can be active and visible at the same time.

Once you’ve completed the creation of a board, you can save it to your library if you want to use that board again. With one click, you can restore your board with all windows in the exact same state and position as when you saved it.

In more straightforward terms, Addap’s is a desktop-like interface where you can open multiple windows featuring different items – like web browsers, search engines, or media players. You can save your window to restore it at any time in the future. You might have a work window, for example, where work info is stored on screen. Addap’s calls these windows “Boards”. You can open multiple boards at the same time, or switch from one Board to another.

Addap’s Features

Addap’s emphasizes all of the following features:

Search & Compose: You can search and compose dynamic multi-web content, including websites, apps, media players, and files, while keeping that information visible and active simultaneously on a scrollable Board

Save and Open: Save and open your board environments in one click from any computer or mobile device.

Comment, Share & Exchange: Addap’s has social features that let you connect with others, comment on their Boards, or browse different Board-based experiences created by other members.

Powerful Tools: Addap’s has flexible tools that allow you to build your perfect Board environment in seconds.

Easy, Intuitive, and Creative: You don’t need to change your web browsing habits to use Addap’s. The platform adapts to you – not the other way around – and allows you to be creative.

Boost Performance: Your productivity increases with Addap’s thanks to features like multiple screens, 360 degree web search, and more.

Shared Experience: Contribute and improve your browsing knowledge while interacting with others.

How Does Addap’s Use Blockchain?

Up to this point, we haven’t talked much about how Addap’s plans to use the blockchain. So why does this software need to be integrated with blockchain? Some of the blockchain-based features of the platform include:

Secured Digital Identity and Login:

You can create and update your digital identity from your ABT wallet. You login to any service or compatible website using your ABT digital identity, which means you can login without a password while enjoying a safe browsing experience.

Multi-Web Objects Board Management:

Save, duplicate, and share multi-web objects like Boards and Bookmarks across the blockchain.

Domain Name System Services:

Rent domains in a decentralized marketplace, then promote your Boards and Bookmarks through a decentralized URL. That URL might look something like ABT://best-restaurants-in-Beijing.

Automatic Payment Subscription:

Subscribe to services through the ABT wallet or suggest your followers to subscribe to your services and pay through ABT wallets.

The Addap’s Token Sale

The Addap’s token sale for ABT tokens begins in January 2018. You can purchase tokens at a rate of 1 ETH = 3,000 ABT. There’s a total of 250,000,000 ABT tokens available during the sale.

“ABT”, by the way, stands for Advanced Browsing Token.

The pre-sale for ABT tokens is underway until the end of December, with another pre-sale period starting on December 23. The token sale is expected to end on January 31.

Who’s Behind Addap’s?

Addap’s is led by Adi Sossover (Co-Founder and CEO), Daniel Febrero Martin (Co-Founder, COO, CTO, and Blockchain Developer), and Emilio Soca Herrera (Backend Team Leader and Blockchain Developer).

Addap’s is registered in Gibraltar. The company was founded in 2015.

Addap Conclusion

Addap’s is an online environment based on multiple cubes, windows, or tabs. You can open a window, then customize that window with as many tabs as you like. You can then post your boards on a marketplace, or save your boards for later use.

Addap’s is introducing a blockchain-based token system that facilitates password-free logins. The token sale for ABT tokens is underway until the end of January 2018. To learn more about Addap’s, visit online today at

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