The platform is a brand-new platform that is designed to help improve the way investment plans work around the world. There is a trading bot apparently that is one the platform and is used to automate the development of ecology and trading as well as staking.

How Does Adenium Work?

Any activities that are based on successful experiences and have come through the platform, dependent on specialized individuals who are masters of their craft are on the development team at the company. They have a powerful community of people who work hard with ambition and passion to help people find their personal freedom.

The main goal of the company is to succeed as the number one reference source for people in the cryptocurrency world. They are building a platform based on trust in the ecosystem with a respected road map that is meticulously followed to a “T.” The proceed with a step by step process that is used to develop the upmost clarity and goals that are realistic for the ultimate growth of any cryptocurrency.

The Adenium Platform is the number one cryptocurrency that is used to bring up transactions on ecological level while at the same time embracing the multiplied ROI of the cryptocurrency market fo the better of the economic growth. We do this by giving the users specific features that are tailored to their exact needs. And they use the Ethereum blockchain technology in order to guarantee that the platform cost will be low and consume less energy. And once the tokens known as ADE are released, it becomes an essential asset that will naturally grow in value through time and appreciation, as well as market conditions and even price negotiations. You can even keep the ADE tokens in your personal wallet or store them right on the account.

There are a lot of benefits to using the token, for one – smart contracts are used and deployed via the blockchain and can be seen by anyone, you can see the chain by clicking the link on the website. You can withdraw your funds at anytime with no questions asked, and your money can go straight into ETH or ADE at any time, and that even includes during the running of the ICO.

The investment plan is extremely secure and very powerful. They also take no commission from your investment and give you ack a profit of 1% ETH every day. Also, with the affiliate program, the website offers a one level affiliate system that operates during the ICO and is used to ensure a better expansion of the Adenium Platform.

There is a massively renewable energy investment, it’s made possible for members of the community to contribute what they feel is needed to the footprint of the ecology on the earth. And at the same time, they are producing a new stable and very long-term output.

The system is designed to support anything that helps the environment. Electric Cars, Solar Panels, Ecolabels, Bio Products and even Recycling Campaigns are all supported on the website. Ecology is something that has become very important to many people of this world. And the improved mindset the more people are adopting is starting to reach people in the business space as well.

With Adenium’s community, there is more than ten years of successful results from people with experience in the field of ecology. They attempt to spread their values and keep a positive mindset as well as lifestyle to help the world around them. And thanks to ultra-strong partnerships, with funds invested into ecological investments, they’re able to hit different regions around the world that are in dire need of help.

The main goal is to help make something bigger happen out of the use of the ADE tokens. They have also negotiated more investments in ADE tokens to the long-term partnerships to guarantee that a powerful middle term ROI is there as well as the long-term as well. They are putting out more information about the partnerships sometimes around June of 2018.

There is also a dedicated roadmap you can see on the website that gives step by step directives of where you the company intends to go over the next couple of years.

About Adenium ICO

Start: March 30th, 2018
End: April 18th, 2018

Nb. of tokens created: 13,000,000
Nb. of tokens on sale: 8,000,000
Tokens per round: 1,600,000

  • ADE Round 1: 0.80 $
  • ADE Round 2: 0.90 $
  • ADE Round 3: 1.00 $
  • ADE Round 4: 1.10 $
  • ADE Round 5: 1.20 $

You can buy 10 to 1000 ADE per day per user.
When ICO ends, all the tokens which has not been sold will be destroyed.

There is an investment plan as well you can see on the company website. They encourage users to stake the platform tokens, and that it’s a great way for investors to earn more money with ADE tokens following the ICO. Once you keep your tokens in your staking wallet for a month or longer, you can then withdraw them at anytime along with your other profits made. The system as a whole allows for as many as two and half million tokens to be staked.

Who Is Behind Adenium?

The company is said to be based in Geneva Switzerland, where they operate the headquarters with a diverse and highly-experienced team.

They have a massive support team that is reachable by phone and will answer your questions with efficiency and speed. The team is located in Switzerland and speaks fluent English. They also speak French, German, and Spanish as well as answer calls M-F 9am-6pm local time.

Adenium In Conclusion

The company is a trading platform, that carries a lot of risk with it. Investors on the platform need to have the financial ability to use the system properly in order to benefit from the system. Basically, only invest what you can actually afford to lose. Other than that, head to to learn more about the platform and what you can do to profit from it.

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