Aditus Pay ADI Token Review

The recent spike in the value of crypto has led to the creation of a new class of super-rich people. These people are called the crypto affluent. Most of them would wish to live a life of luxury, but they find themselves unable to gain access.

Reasons Why There is Limited Access To Aditus Pay ADI

Most of the crypto affluent people have their wealth in crypto. However, few luxury merchants accept payment via cryptocurrency. Besides that, most luxury merchants usually require large amounts of data.

However, the crypto-affluent are very wary of sharing any data. These details can be easily used to steal their wealth of crypto coins. Besides that, there is the issue of lack of knowledge by luxury merchants. They simply do not know how to connect with the crypto affluent.

Aditus seeks to bridge the gaps that exist between the crypto rich and the luxury merchants. To achieve this, developers of this product have combined smart contracts, payment gateways, and strong privacy protection technology into a single platform. That way, the crypto affluent will be able to live the life they have always desired.

The Current Situation

Luxury companies are some of the companies that have changed little over the decades. Most of them are used to a traditional method of marketing. In short, they simply do not have a clue how to reach out to the crypto rich. This is made worse by the fact that the blockchain community is also quite insular.

However, luxury markets can only thrive via target marketing. This is because their industry is very niche in nature. A select few people in the wider population only desire their products and services. To achieve this marketing, they usually rely on extensive tracking of preferences and spending habits. A good example is that most luxury brands reach out to customers via the premium credit card data such as Amex Centurion. These are cards only accessible to fiat millionaires.

To track customers, they usually require data from the financial sector. Unless a crypto affluent can convert all their wealth into fiat, there is no way to access them. However, this is not likely to happen. Most crypto asset owners find the idea offensive. Besides that, there is also the issue that they consider it as a bad move since the value of the markets is still rising.

How the Aditus Pay ADI Will Work

The global luxury sector is worth trillions of dollars. It can be divided into various sub-categories, all of which are worth billions of dollars. For the Aditus Pay ADI Token platform to work, merchants will need to be able to market their products to the crypto affluent.

However, the Aditus Pay ADI platform will also guarantee that users will have full access to their data. That means they will get to choose which data they wish to share with merchants and when they wish to do it. Besides that, users of the platform will get access to premium services and offers. This is similar to what happens with holders of premium credit cards.

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