ADM Ecosystems Intends To Use ATM-Style Machines To Bring Crypto To The Masses

What if you could just easily use decentralized applications anywhere at any ATM machine? This is the idea that is driving ADM Ecosystems to announce that ATM-like machines would be used by the company to facilitate the adoption of decentralized applications (DApp). ADM means Automized Decentralized Machines, which will be the name of the machines.

The company has already planned a beta launch in Puerto Rico for 2019.

Which Services Will the ADMs Provide?

The company is providing a location-based dapp service that will connect the ADM terminals with the blockchain (and also the web). This way, people will be able to use these terminals instead of having to go to a computer or use a smartphone to access the DApps.

There will be many services available such as voting and making international payments easily. Other services like document signing, conversion of money and even proof of ownership of assets will be easily made via these terminals.

ADM terminals will be so complex (while simple to use) and feature-filled that they will even allow the users to make their own smart contracts using them. You can, in an example given by the company, get real-time ownership of a car by simply sending a payment over by the ADM.

These machines will be equipped with the necessary hardware to ensure the safety of the users like fingerprint scanners, pin code buttons, chip card readers and even more unusual equipment like IRIS scanners. Other features include A4 scanners, USB ports and printers. ADM Ecosystems, I/O Digital Foundation and Chameleon framework, A Partnership To Change the World

This project is a partnership between ADM Ecosystems with I/O Digital Foundation and the Chameleon framework. I/O Digital Foundation will create an ecosystem based around its own token, I/O Coin (IOC tokens). The company is developing an open source blockchain and decided for not using an Initial Coin Offering as the company is strictly non-profit.

The Chameleon framework will allow for the creation of unique I/O digital side chains that will be interoperable. This project has been in development for two years.

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