AdMine is an ad platform with a unique twist – they allow the user to decide which ads they want to see. It is a system that has been built upon a principle of letting all advertisers to submit ads without charging commission, as well as giving users the ability to earn when they view these ads.

There is a banner network in place that utilizes a social network’s principles whereby the advertisers pose almost as investors, with the users themselves deciding which ads they wish to see. This means that they can have a subscription to their preferred brands and when they decide to view selected ads, they will get paid for their time.

There is a special system integrated into the platform which optimizes the personalized targeting, meaning advertisers will no longer waste their money on the wrong audience and will only have ads that target their desired end customer.

AdMine utilizes blockchain technology in order to operate this platform. When users have viewed ads, they will receive payment in the form of a cryptocurrency that can subsequently be utilized in order to buy things on the internet or withdrawn to a bank account or traded with other forms of cryptocurrencies.

Users are able to effectively mine these coins without having to use computer power. There is a myriad of ways in which these users can earn money, such as watch an ad, assess the quality of the product on offer, give some form of personal data to be used for the analytics, do some surveys regarding marketing, test games and so on.

Consumer’s personal data is an advertiser’s best friend as it allows them to target a specific audience based on their needs and interests, therefore optimizing ad spend.

Viewers can still be anonymous while contributing this information through the AdMine platform as this data is changed onto a smart contract, which cannot be interfered with. If users want to provide further info about themselves, they can do so.

This smart contract feature is the differentiating factor when assessing AdMine and comparing them against other ad platforms. This feature ensures a top level of security in the system, as well as creating an efficient platform as these smart contracts are used from start to finish in the entire process of the platform.

At the moment, the AdMine pre-ICO sale is taking place, with the actual ICO beginning on the 19th of March 2018 and ending on the 20th of April 2018.

The tokens that will be going on sale are called MediaCoins and they are based upon the ERC20 smart contract technology. The number of coins is going to be limited to 100 million and any coins that remain unsold will be subsequently deleted.

For people taking part in the pre-ICO sale, there are bonus tokens of 50% on the first day, 30% on the second and third days and 25% from the fourth day onward.

Their overall aim is to have the desktop version of AdMine ready to go in June of 2018, with the mobile interface aimed to be launched in August of next year.

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