AdsCash is a digital token that promises to make it easy to buy and sell in the advertising world. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is AdsCash?

AdsCash, found online at (yes, that’s a real domain), is a decentralized cryptocurrency made exclusively for the advertising industry. The overall goal of the currency is to make it easier to buy and sell in the advertising world.

The currency is built on the Ethereum blockchain. You can receive 25 free tokens just for signing up at the official website.

Overall, there’s limited information about AdsCash available online. All we really have is a one page website featuring vague information about the currency. There’s no specific information about how the currency plans to attract advertisers, or how it aims to become the accepted currency within the advertising ecosystem.

AdsCash appears to be made by a team of developers based in Bulgaria, Singapore, Hong Kong, and other locations.

How Does AdsCash Work?

Essentially, AdsCash works by allowing advertisers to pay publishers through AdsCash tokens. Publishers can sell their AdsCash in an exchange market. Like other digital currencies catered to the advertising community, AdsCash wants to become the preferred medium of exchange for advertiers worldwide.

Why would someone use AdsCash instead of, say, fiat currencies? AdsCash offers frictionless micro-payments, which means it’s easy to send and receive small amounts of money through the platform.

Furthermore, publishers are also encouraged to use AdsCash to incentivize users and make them loyal customers – although they don’t go into much detail about how this feature works.

In terms of technical details, AdsCash is based on the Ethereum blockchain. AdsCash has a mining system in place, and mines help to receive, propagate, verify, and execute transactions. Miners are rewarded for each successful block they mine. AdsCash claims to produce a new block every 12 seconds, on average, which means transactions are processed in about 12 seconds.

AdsCash using the Dagger-Hashimoto hashing algorithm and uses a Proof of Work (PoW) reward for mining. The reward will half every 0.25 years (3 months).

The total supply of AdsCash coins will be mined in 3 years, producing a total of 168150937.5 coins (however, the developers have also pre-mined and reserved 3 million coins for themselves).

You can get started in the AdsCash ecosystem today by downloading the AdsCash wallet from the official website.

AdsCash Features

Here are some of the advertised features of AdsCash:


Like other cryptographic currencies, AdsCash emphasizes security.


Send money anywhere and it will arrive minutes later, as soon as it is processed by the network – again, similar to other cryptocurrencies. The AdsCash website explains “quick block execution time ensure [sic] unparalleled speed to conventional remittance and payment systems.”


AdsCash, like other cryptocurrencies, is issued without any central authority using a decentralized ledger (blockchain).

Global Payments:

AdsCash has no borders and no imposed limits. You can easily send currency worldwide without issue.

Who’s Behind AdsCash?

AdsCash is made by an international team of developers. The official website lists offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Bulgaria, and Hong Kong.

AdsCash also appears to be linked to a service called ClickIntensity, which promotes websites through an advertising network.

You can contact AdsCash by email at [email protected] The company describes itself as having “the highest quality of innovation in technology with systems that support you in your business to program, that run automatically to make money so you don’t even have to think about it!” (yes, that’s the word for word description on the official website).

Whenever a company starts talking about “automatically” making money with no work or risk, that’s a red flag.

AdsCash Conclusion

AdsCash is an awkwardly-worded one page website filled with grammatical errors and vague terminology. There’s limited information about how the currency plans to cater to the advertising industry, or why it’s a better option than other advertising-oriented currencies. All we really know is that the company has made a digital token, and they want publishers and advertisers to spend that digital token within the advertising community.

Overall, there’s not enough information about AdsCash available online at this time. All we have is a vague, one page website and a link to a wallet. It’s unclear if AdsCash is a scam, or if it’s just a brand new startup with limited information available online. However, AdsCash makes statements that lead us to assume it’s linked to some type of MLM or pyramid scheme – like when they talk about the currency automatically making money for you with no work required.

Ultimately, you’ll want to wait for more information about AdsCash to appear online before you participate.

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