AdSigma, found online at, aims to create a next-generation digital display advertising platform. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is AdSigma?

AdSigma is a decentralized advertising network that aims to boost the efficiency of the digital advertising industry.

Key innovations of the platform include the ADSi token. That token facilitates transactions between publishers and advertisers, with all transactions taking place across the Ethereum blockchain.

A token sale for ASDi tokens begins with a pre-ICO on April 5, followed by a general crowdsale on April 20.

The long-term goal of AdSigma is to disrupt today’s digital advertising industry. Today, the industry is dominated by centralized companies like Google and Facebook. These companies have an enormous amount of control over the industry – including the ability to censor or remove ads from entire industries with no community consultation whatsoever. AdSigma aims to create a more decentralized model where industry participants – including advertisers and publishers – can control the direction of the platform.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at how AdSigma works.

How Does AdSigma Blockchain Digital Display Ads Work?

AdSigma is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform connects advertisers with publishers in a secure, transparent, and trustless way. Here’s the basic process used for each AdSigma transaction:

Step 1) The advertiser signs a transaction and broadcasts it to all the relayers within the network

Step 2) The user visits the publisher’s page

Step 3) AdSigma’s SDK connects to the relayers and selects the best matching advertisement

Step 4) The AdSigma SDK fetches the assets from the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) storage system

Step 5) The publisher writes the claim onto the blockchain

Step 6) A smart contract verifies the proof then transfers ADSi tokens to the publisher

Step 7) Advertisers can verify the transaction and match it with their own tracking data and provide feedback and ratings for the publisher

AdSigma Features

Key features of the AdSigma platform include all of the following:


The platform is based on Ethereum smart contracts, which guarantee secure transactions based on the parameters defined within the contract. The participants – the advertisers and the publishers – define these parameters themselves before signing the smart contract.


AdSigma is powered by transparent blockchain technology, which means all transactions on the network are transparent. Advertisers and publishers can reference one another’s transaction history at any time in an easy and transparent way.


AdSigma uses decentralized blockchain technology to avoid the possibility of data manipulation. The network is secured across a network of nodes on the Ethereum blockchain.


With AdSigma, nobody can give preferences or privilege to any specific advertiser or publisher over another. That’s because the network is verified and maintained by each participant. Unlike with centralized ad networks, there’s no incentive to favor any specific participant in the ecosystem.

What Problems Does AdSigma Seek To Solve?

AdSigma believes today’s advertising ecosystem has a number of major problems. many of these problems can be linked to the fact that today’s ad networks are centralized. Specific problems mentioned in the AdSigma whitepaper include:

  • Publishers lose 40% of their revenue to advertising networks in the form of commission
  • Google, the world’s most popular advertising network, charges commissions of 32% for online content marketing, for example, while Facebook charges 45% commissions
  • Ad networks act as a middlemen between publishers and advertisers; the advertiser cannot directly communicate with the publisher, making it difficult for the market to come to an optimal price, as there’s no negotiation between the publisher and advertiser
  • Publishers cannot choose the specific advertiser they want to work with; publishers can choose the broad industry from which they want to display ads, for example, but they can’t individually choose advertisers
  • Ads are sometimes placed in subpar places on the publisher’s website, but the advertiser cannot alter the location of the advertisement based on their preferences

All of these problems lead to inefficiencies across the industry. These problems favor publishers of cheap media, including fake news, propaganda, and mass produced content. At the same time, they disincentivize producers of “good” content. Content that gets clicks gets the most attention, while all other content sinks to the bottom.

AdSigma Benefits

AdSigma aims to solve all of the problems listed above by offering the following benefits:

  • Publishers can decide on their own pricing policy; someone on a high-quality, high-traffic blog, for example, might command a higher price than someone who runs a spammy, low-quality blog with low-quality traffic
  • Publishers will get to keep 100% of their revenue (AdSigma plans to charge 0% commissions)
  • Reduced costs of advertising for the advertiser because there’s less friction and fewer middlemen
  • AdSigma will moderate advertisements to ensure inappropriate ads are not displayed on the platform
  • Once a publisher and advertiser enter into a contract, the terms of the contract cannot be modified; the smart contract is binding
  • The blockchain-based platform will facilitate trustworthiness, transparency, and security across all transactions

AdSigma ADSi ICO Details

The AdSigma token sale begins with a pre-sale on April 5, 2018, followed by a crowdsale on April 20.

There’s a total hard cap of 19,000 ETH, or 60 million ADSi tokens, for the pre-sale and crowdsale combined.

The exchange rate is set at 1 ETH = 3750 ADSi during the pre-sale before rising to 1 ETH = 3,000 ADSi during the crowdsale.

On March 13, 2018, AdSigma announced an airdrop program releasing 600,000 ADSi tokens.

Who’s Behind AdSigma?

AdSigma was created by co-founders Suumit Shah (Project Development, Operations), Kapil Bhosale (Blockchain and Cloud Engineering), Akshay Mohite (Blockchain & Web Development), and Ravi Tamada (Android Developer & Big Data Engineering).

AdSigma Conclusion

AdSigma aims to create a decentralized advertising platform that provides superior service to Google and other centralized ad networks. The AdSigma network relies on ADSi tokens, which go on sale through an ICO in April 2018.

To learn more about AdSigma and how it plans to solve major issues in the advertising ecosystem, visit online today at

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