What Is Adsily?

This is the newest advertising-based cryptocurrency platform. And its pre-sale is live as of right now. The platform is essentially a cryptocurrency fueled advertising platform. They claim this is the highest paying ad network on the market and it only pays with cryptocurrency.

How Does Adsily Blockchain Advertising Network Work?

They claim that the offers on the ad platform are of many different ad types and easy to use for everyone. The simple platform is designed to make it easy for anyone to get online and start advertising with cryptocurrency in only a few moments of time. They also claim to have world class support that can’t be matched anywhere. It’s available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week apparently.

The company is a blockchain exchange platform that will be used to disrupt the online ecosystem that is already in place. They are looking to change the advertising landscape and make a significant change in the industry. They want to help people stay protected from fraud, privacy issues and sponsoring problems.

The company promises to be completely transparent and will use the Ethereum blockchain with smart contracts. They are looking to give power to the advertisers as well as publishers on a platform that is safe and secure as well as transparent. They consider themselves to be pioneers in the industry and will help to improve everybody’s CTR and ROI when running ads. They work hard to maximize the returns for people who use the platform.

They are looking to constantly improve the industry and relationships with everybody involved in the platform. They claim that improvement is the fundamentally most important aspect of the platform’s team.

Adsily ASDY ICO Details

The ICO of the company has a total token base of 500,000,000. And as it goes there is 5% that goes to the team, 15% to advertising for the company, 20% held in reserve for the platform and the last 60% for public distribution. They have a road map as well, but it’s not very informative, so I can’t really comment on how it’s panning out for Adsily.

Who Is Behind Adsily?

Unfortunately for the company, they haven’t disclosed who they are. This instantly puts a bad taste in my mouth as it would anyone with common sense. Sending money to a mysterious company with no team members, founders, or identity is always dangerous. And that is especially true when it comes to bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies that operate in total anonymity. It’s the biggest red-flag a company can put up when first starting up, it’s like telling everyone that they have something to hide from investors.

Adsily Conclusion

They are looking to make an ad platform that changes the industry and protects the advertisers, but they don’t really tell us how. They also refuse to let out any information on the founder of the platform, the team behind it or where they are located at. I would definitely avoid investing with Adsily until they release more information on their identity.

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