Adverx AVX ICO

Before we start with this review, it is important for us to learn about RTB. Real-time bidding (RTB) can be thought of as a means by which “advertising inventory” can be traded via the use of a per impression model. With this system, buyers are able to bid on impressions, and if their bid is successful, their ad is published almost instantaneously on the publisher's webpage.

In addition to this, RTB also offers other key benefits such as:

  • Management and optimization of advertisements sourced from a number of different networks.
  • Launching ad campaigns in real time.

In recent months, RTB has been promoted as distribution model that is more effective than the static auction system that is being used currently. Based upon statistical data, it allows for more inventory sales for both advertisers as well as publishers.

About Adverx

The AVX token is an all new crypto currency that has been developed on the Ethereum blockchain. It is ERC20 compliant, and is thus able to process a large number of transactions per second. According to the company’s whitepaper, the goal of this platform is to provide “all of its investors with sustainable returns”.

Some of the key features of Adverx include:

(i) Transparency:

Since the token is based on the ETH blockchain, all transactions that go through the network are completely transparent, and are free from third party intrusions (i.e interference from local governments, financial institutions).

(ii) Solid Team Backing:

Upon doing a quick survey of the people behind this project, we found that the core team consists of a individuals who hail from different areas of expertise including developers, media buyers, economists, and marketing experts.

(iii) Long term Sustainability:

Unlike many other cryptocurrencies that are seeing an unrealistic increase in their value, Adverx has been designed to grow sustainably so that investors can yield long term benefits.

(iv) Scalability:

Another area that has been looked at when designing this currency is its ability to scale up, as and when the transactional load is increased.

Lending Plans

There are 3 primary lending plans to choose between, they include:

  • Basic: as the name suggests, this option is for novice/ casual investors. The investment amount has to lie between $250-$5000; Daily interest of 1%; Capital is returned after a period of 90 days.
  • Enhanced: The investment sum has to lie between $5000-$10000. The daily interest rate is 1.1%; Capital is returned after a period of 75 days.
  • Premium: This package requires an investment of over $10,000; The daily interest rate is 1.2%; Capital is returned after a period of 60 days.

Adverx AVX Token Details

As mentioned earlier, the Adverx platform will make use of a native token to perform all actions within its ecosystem. The token has been abbreviated as AVX, and there will be a total of 7.5 million coins that will be made available.

The ICO is scheduled to start on the 10th of January 2018, and will consists of 9 rounds. Each successive round will make use of various bonuses/incentives, and will continue till all of the tokens have been sold out.

Adverx AVX ICO Token Distribution Details

  • 3.5 million AVX will be made available during the crowdsale.
  • 2.5 million tokens will be set aside to create a lending reserve
  • 0.7 million coins will be reserved for the setting up of a referral bounty program.
  • The remaining 0.8 million tokens will be reserved for the dev team and other R&D based purposes.

For any further details and queries, customers have been asked to get in touch with company officials via the email address provided on the “contact us” page.

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