What Is Adult Entertainment Network?

Adult Entertainment Network or AEN is a platform that “Adds pleasure to blockchain” by introducing the world’s first incentivized adult entertainment network built on blockchain technology. The platform’s main objective is solving the major inefficiencies that currently exist in the adult entertainment industry.

Challenges AEN Seeks To Solve


The network will eliminate restrictions put in place by institutions such as banks, payment serve providers, credit card companies and advertising companies and create a platform that is content neutral where users have freedom of expression.


AEN will join forces and stand against content abuse and piracy to protect the rights of the participants and partners.


Through the implementation of smart contract technologies, IPFS and Bluzelle, the platform will increase the privacy of user information and prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing the information.

Unfair Income Distribution:

The network will create an incentive-based ecosystem, which is transparent and rewards participants based on their value addition to the network.

High Charges:

The network eliminates intermediaries therefore reducing costs. It also has a decentralized payment system run by tokens that prevent high chargeback and refund fees.

AEN Products

The platform offers a porn live streaming app. The app uses blockchain technology to change the coverage of live sex events. Users can share or experience live video streams using their devices such as tablets or PCs.

AEN has over 50,000 porn movies that are yet to be released. Once the content is digitized and ready for upload on the Decentralized POD Platform it will delight user with the largest collection of porn movies on the internet.

With the help of blockchain technology and IPFS, that reduce cost and eliminate restrictions, the network will launch unique live shows that offer live entertainment composed of the hardest and the extreme performances.

AEN Payment Protocol

The network implements a payment protocol, which uses the AEN token that seeks to improve the traditional payment methods, used in the adult entertainment industry. The protocol is blockchain based which improves the transaction speed, security of user data and eliminates intermediaries and exorbitant fees.

In addition, a payment gateway is integrated into the platform, which will enable users to purchase products using the tokens on the network or withdraw the tokens without incurring any additional costs. The tokens will also act as the incentive mechanism.

AEN Benefits

For Investors

  • Apart from profits, Investors will get a free live time access to the porn movies on the platform.
  • They will be the first to watch and test new products launched by the network.

For Performers

  • Performers receive all of the tokens they earn. The platform doesn’t have any hidden fees or penalties.
  • The platform doesn’t have any content rules or interaction restrictions therefore, performers have freedom of expression.
  • As performers can use their mobile phones to start, they don’t have to purchase expensive equipment.

For Users

  • Users can earn free tokens by participating on the network through referring new users to the network or by becoming nodes for the network.
  • The network guarantees anonymity of the users.

AEN Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token: AEN
  • Token protocol: ERC 20
  • Token supply: 350,000,000
  • Sale date: 8th September – 20th October

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