Science and technology play a crucial role in the development of any economy. In the past decades, most human development has been propelled by science. In fact, science has even changed how we communicate and how the economy operates.

A major issue today is the growing income gap between the wealthy and the common people. However, one of the ways these issues can be resolved is by investing in science startups. By investing in scientific startups, you can assist scientists to conclude their studies for a share of the profits. You will be able to earn an income, which will help to bridge the income gap. It will also help to make a positive impact on the development of the world. Aeternum makes it possible to do this. The project lets anyone invest in scientific intellectual property for a share of the profits.

About Aeternum ICO

Token Symbol: ALF
Token Pre Sale Starts: April 02, 2018
Token Sale Ends: April 30, 2018
Token Price: 0.01 EUR
Total Supply: 30 billion

The Aeternum Solution

Aeternum lets you invest in the early stages of a scientific startup. When you make this investment, you give a startup the opportunity to bloom, and you can earn a share of profits. Real patents and IP will cover the investment. Via the platform, you will have a chance to invest in some of the greatest innovations of the modern world. The Aeternum platform comes with various benefits such as:

  • The Libertarian Aeternum Foundation will reserve 20% of the digital tokens for sharing a basic income between the community members.
  • Smart Protection – The Aeternum project incorporates smart contracts that are powered by the blockchain. Besides that, it comes with legal guarantees, which ensure investments on the platform are secured from fraud.
  • Easy Returns – Participants in this platform will have the opportunity to sell their shares via the Aeternum platform to new users. This way, they will get quick returns with no delays expected.
  • Simplified Payment options – On this platform, there are no fees, there are great exchange rates. Besides that, there is fiat payment management incorporated into the platform.
  • Speedy Communication –This platform guarantees that each user will know about the ongoing and current progress of a project. There will be monthly updates about progress, which will be sent via emails combined with frequent posts on social media.

The Details Of The ICO

The Aeternum Token (ALF) has been designed as a utility with a starting price of 0.01 EUR for every ALF. There are 30 billion tokens in total. For the presale, 300 million tokens will be sold. At the crowdsale, 90% of the tokens will be sold. The remaining tokens are reserved and secure by Aeternum. The presale began on April 2 and will conclude on April 30.

Aeternum Summary

At the core of this project is a desire to raise funds to assist science-based startups. This will help people lift themselves up out of poverty by investing in a profitable idea. Besides that, these startups are going to have a positive impact on the world economy. This project will utilize the blockchain to bring the change it wants to see in the world. You have an opportunity to be part of that change.

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