The Internet has completely changed the consumer behavior of modern society. A customer doesn’t need to go out of the house to buy things, they can do it straight from their devices. Even if people are browsing, the internet helps you take more informed decisions. However, it is not always possible to evaluate the goods at their best.

When buying clothes, they might not be the correct fit. When booking a hotel, you only have to rely on pictures which are often taken in ways to mislead the consumer.

Afeli wants to tackle these issues by using 3D and VR technologies.

What Is Afeli?

Afeli is a platform which completely changes familiar processes in trade, communication and entertainment with the help of 3D technologies. It is a decentralized platform based on blockchain technology that connects users, sellers, and enterprises directly which requires working with huge amount of data. Afeli uses Ethereum platform as the backbone of the product.

Afeli can be used to book a room in a particular hotel. You can personally see how the room looks in the real life, walk on it, look into the bathroom and go out on the balcony. You can also play in a real casino, rather than a virtual one, talk to the dealer and even leave him some tips from the win. It can be also used for interior designing your house.

Products And Services

  • Virtual fitting room: It gives the online store an advantage and distinguishes it from its competitors. It allows the customer making a complete impression of the garment and making sure that the goods are suitable for him in all respects.
  • Marketplace: It allows the manufacturers of furniture, devices, and accessories demonstrating the goods in 3D.
  • Social network: The users are given the opportunities of such social networks as Facebook, but in addition, each participant has an interactive 3D avatar
  • Playground: It includes a number of gaming applications, both proprietary and third party, where the users can use their 3D avatar.

Afeli Coin Tokens

A total of 10 million AEI tokens will be released which will be ERC 20 compliant. The Afeli Coin token is an integral part of the platform and is present in all mutual settlements within the system.

The Pre ICO will take place from April 23, 2018, to May 23, 2018. During this phase, 1 AEI will cost 0.001 ETH and the minimum purchase amount will be 200 ETH while the maximum purchase being 1,000 ETH. There will be bonuses in this round with the first week being 20% and subsequently decrease every week by 5%. ICO dates are June 23, 2018, to July 23, 2108. Price of one AEI token will be 0.002 ETH.

60% of the tokens will be given to the token sale, 10% to the reserve, 6% for the bounty program, 12% for project partners and mentors and 12% will go to the project team.

About Afeli ICO On AEI

  • Token Symbol: AEI
  • Token Sale Starts: April 23, 2018
  • Token Sale Ends: May 23, 2018
  • Token Price: 0.001 ETH
  • Total Supply: 10 million

Afeli Coin Conclusion

VR is the natural evolution of retail space. Amazon and Alibaba have made multi-billion dollar worth of platforms selling things online. Afeli can also become that by adopting the next paradigm early. With the increase in the number of users and the profits from platform services, more tokens will be withdrawn from circulation and burned. The constant growth of the AFL will lead to additional demand from investors and speculators, which will push the price up even more.

More details about the company can be found on their website .

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