Affinity Mining

Affinity Mining is a new cryptocurrency mining operation currently raising funds through an ICO. Find out how the mining company works today in our review.

What is Affinity Mining?

Affinity Mining describes itself as “a new generation ecologically sustainable crypto-mining range of hardware and software products.”

The company’s goal is to make the entire mining ecosystem green. To do that, Affinity Mining offers transparent access to renewable, profitable, industrial-scale cryptocurrency mining operations through its Product Ecosystem. The platform combines a wide range of products and a large number of emerging technologies with the overall goal of providing a highly profitable solution to investors.

The company is led by serial entrepreneur Murray Hewlett, who claims his goal is “to be one of the largest cryptocurrency mining organizations that use low-cost renewable energy exclusively whilst utilizing custom algorithms to obtain extremely high profitability.”

In pursuit of that goal, Affinity Mining is preparing to raise funds through its ICO, during which it will sell Affinity Mining Tokens (AMT). As an AMT token holder, you’re eligible for a cut of 30% of the profits generated by Affinity Mining Ltd.

Affinity Mining Products

Affinity Mining is creating an ecosystem of mining equipment based around renewable, green technologies. The company’s range of products currently includes all of the following:

Renewable Energy Cryptomining: Renewable, profitable, industrial-scale cryptomining.

Everywhere Mining: Described as “the new wave in profitable GUI mining”, Everywhere Mining lets average users put their GPUs to work to unlock better profits.

Fractional Remote Mining: Own a portion of a professional mining rig through Affinity Mining’s fractional remote mining system.

Zero Kelvin (0K) Wallet: Affinity Mining’s Zero Kelvin wallet locks all your cryptocurrencies into one secure, accessible wallet.

Wallet Exchange API: Affinity Mining lets users easily and conveniently exchange cryptocurrencies at the click of a button using the wallet exchange API.

Affinity Mining already has some of its required infrastructure up and running. The company has posted images of its infrastructure – including offices and basic server setups – on their official website here.

All of the above products create the overall Affinity Mining ecosystem. The products are designed to be complementary, so everything in the ecosystem is pushing towards higher profits for the company.

The Affinity Mining Token Sale

The Affinity Mining Foundation is issuing Affinity Mining Tokens, or AMTs. Those tokens are released via a smart contract system on the Ethereum blockchain. During the ICO, the tokens are set at a price of 1 USD = 1 AMT.

AMT token holders have the right to claim 30% of profits generated by Affinity Mining Ltd forever. This isn’t a mining contract: you’re eligible to receive mining profits forever. This is unusual in the world of cryptocurrency mining, as we typically see mining companies offer contracts that last 1 or 2 years. However, it could be a good opportunity for investors.

In any case, Affinity Mining is accepting USD, EUR, BTC, and ETH through its ICO, along with all ShapeShift-supported currencies.

90% of the total supply of tokens will be distributed to users through the crowdsale. 7% is reserved for founders and advisors, 2% for bounties, and 1% for staff.

Bonuses are available throughout the Affinity Mining ICO. The pre-sale had a bonus of 25%, while general ICO bonuses start at 20% in week 1 before dropping to 5% by week 4.

In terms of profitability, Affinity Mining has set a number of milestones. If it hits milestone 1, raising $1 million, the company is estimating mining revenue of $1.89 million over 3 years. if they hit milestone 5, with $27.5 million in funding, they’re estimating revenue of $62.99 million over three years. At the time of writing (September 22), Affinity Mining has surpassed Milestone 2 with over $3 million in funding.

Of course, as a token holder, you receive a cut of profits forever – so you will continue to earn revenue well beyond that three year period. Dividends are paid quarterly in ETH, and calculated annually.

Who’s Behind Affinity Mining?

Affinity Mining is owned by Affinity Enterprises Holding Pty Ltd. That company is led by Murray Hewlett (CEO). Murray has experience running businesses across Africa and Europe. He founded Affinity Enterprises, taking it from the startup phase to a value of $100 million in four years. Much of that growth is attributed to Affinity Health, which aims to become one of South Africa’s largest medical insurance companies in the near future.

The other founder is Greg van der Spuy (CTO), a serial entrepreneur and technology junkie who has spent decades running businesses across the tech space in South Africa.

The pair founded Affinity Mining in 2016. The company is based in South Africa, and all mining operations also appear to be based in South Africa.


Affinity Mining is a cryptocurrency mining operation seeking to raise funds through a unique ICO. You can buy AMT tokens today to gain a cut of the company’s mining profits for life. Unlike other mining companies, which offer 1 or 2 year contracts, Affinity Mining will pay token holders throughout the life of the company.

You can learn more about Affinity Mining’s business plan, or participate in the ICO, by visiting Affinity online today.

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Coin Market Cap Price Change 24 Hour Volume
BTC $224.6B $12,631.3996 11.14% $13.87B
ETH $35.66B $334.3643 6.84% $4.37B
XRP $20.32B $0.4774 1.89% $1.05B
BCH $8.91B $498.8221 5.09% $485.95M
LTC $8.44B $135.1949 0.58% $1.4B
EOS $6.71B $7.2844 1.77% $1.31B
BNB $5.3B $37.5269 2.35% $228.08M
BSV $4.31B $241.3288 1.09% $232.62M
USDT $3.52B $0.9947 -0.07% $12.01B
TRX $2.58B $0.0387 -1.21% $433.34M

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  1. Affinity mining has been plagued by infighting between its directors. Seems one of them has stolen mining hardware. They do not engage with their customers rather referring us to their lawyers. Stay away.


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