The world is changing fast beneath our feet and Blockchain technology seems to be at the helm of this change. The world seemed to have been waiting for this ‘digital ledger’ that allows peer to peer communication without the need for middlemen. Quite a lot of industries are adapting Blockchain technology to their operations.

What Is AFSecurity?

AFSecurity has taken the technological leap by introducing an Artificial Intelligence based cyber security platform backed by Blockchain technology. Artificial Intelligence has been around for a while and has also grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years, allowing computers take over many human functions with ease and thereby providing cost effective and faster solutions to previously human-only operations.

The combination of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain on AFSecurity’s service introduces a form of perfection that was unheard of before now. AFSecurity’s platform allows users and service providers on the platform to use and develop cyber security services and with the adoption of AI and Blockchain, these services are fast, easy and water tight secure. Artificial intelligence makes it easier to root out security lapses and breaches- faster than humans can do this. The service also includes employing these smart thinking machines for security tests.


What AFSecurity AI Cyber Security Service Platform Does

The platform will allow companies and individuals take out smart contracts with security outfits and pay with AFS coins. This will create a seamless system of collaboration that will enhance security services in ways that were previously unavailable.

With hackers also developing better Artificial Intelligence backed hacking tools, AFSecurity’s innovative service will provide the necessary counter measures. The major highlight of AFSecurity’s service is the fact that it will put an end to the slow and unimpressive process that comes with most cyber security products. Speed is very crucial when it comes to security- a ten second delay can make all the difference when your server is being hacked.

Our fast paced world requires equally fast and efficient responses to security concerns, especially cyber security. To provide such level of security may not have been financially feasible considering overhead costs, manpower and middlemen’s fees until this digital masterstroke introduced by the AFSecurity team, an alliance of AI and Blockchain technology that will liberate the world of cyber security and improve lives.

The Team Behind AFSecurity AFS

Founded by a group of cyber-security veterans who have cut their teeth in penetration tests, hacking technology and are also Blockchain enthusiasts, AFSecurity started in December 2017 and like most Blockchain backed ventures have begun their ICO (Initial Coin Offering). The sale of Crypto tokens to finance this venture and serve as an investment for buyers will last until the fifth day of April 2018. Tokens are to be exchanged for ethers with 1 ETH equaling ten thousand AFS tokens.


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