What Is Agate?

AGATE is a nicely structured ICO that seeks to deal with the inherent problems that hinder the adoption of cryptocurrency and ultimately the creation of crypto-economy. The concept behind AGATE hopes to achieve this, by meeting the typical challenges of volatility and uncertainties that crypto payment solutions bring.

AGATE hopes to eradicate these common problems by utilizing several apps and blockchain features to facilitate crypto payments through their decentralized platform. The structure of their platform will also include several modules that will build a cryptocurrency infrastructure that can handle everyday banking.

Agate Future Instant Payment Platform Products

AGATE Blockchain

By using a specific blockchain, AGATE hopes to meet the expected criteria for quality which lacks in the existing expensive and slow blockchains.

iFiat Ecosystem

The AGATE iFiat Ecosystem will use blockchain technology to facilitate transactions in real-time economically.

User App

The AGATE User app allows users to deposit and withdraw their crypto assets in the models on offer. In the future, the app hopes to accommodate up to 17 cryptocurrencies

Merchant App

This will allow merchants to handle their online businesses through the crypto-based POS terminal

Physical POS Terminal

Users and physical stores will get two options for their AGTE POS terminal and enjoy the experience of unique features

Payment Gateway API

An open-source API that will let potential anyone user create their gateway on the Agate Blockchain

E-commerce Plugins/App

AGATE also have a Shopify app that expects to allow online stores to accept cryptocurrency payments by merely installing the app.

API Suite

A comprehensive API Suite that enables the integration of the AGATE token and allows customers to use their white-label solutions

The Agate Solution

For The Crypto-Economy

  • Improvement and innovation with the AGATE API Suite enabling flexible crypto creations.
  • Faster and cheaper transactions for AGATE ecosystem individuals
  • Environmentally friendly with mining conducted through Prof of Stake (PoS)
  • Easy integration with e-commerce websites worldwide

For The Merchants

  • A wide range of cryptocurrency options making flexible payment methods
  • Easy conversion of the crypto into fiat
  • Easy availability and spending ability for the merchant's thanks to the app

Agate AGT Token ICO Details

ICO Stages

  • PRE-SALES STAGE 1: 21 AUG 2018 – 31 AUG 2018(25% Discount)
  • PRE-SALES STAGE 2: 1 SEP 2018 – 11 SEP 2018(20% Discount)
  • PRE-SALES STAGE 3: 12 SEP 2018 – 22 SEP 2018(15% Discount)
  • PRE-SALES STAGE 4: 23 SEP 2018 – 3 OCT 2018(10% Discount)
  • PRE-SALES STAGE 5: 4 OCT 2018 – 14 OCT 2018(5% Discount)
  • PUBLIC SALES: 15 OCT 2018 – 15 NOV 2018 (0% Discount)

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token ticker- AGT
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Protocol- ERC20
  • Accepts- ETH, BTC, LTC EOS, DASH
  • Price- 1 AGT = $0.076
  • Total supply- 490,000,000 AGT
  • Sale amount- 318,500,000 AGT
  • Hard cap- $24,206,000
  • Soft cap- $2,000,000
  • Minimum investment- $60= 0.1 ETH
  • Maximum contribution- – $60,000 or 100 ETH (excluding strategic investors and strategic partners)

Token Distribution

  • Crowdsale- 65%
  • Team- 10%
  • Advisors and partners- 5%
  • Bounty- 5%
  • AGATE Ecosystem- 15%

Agate Conclusion

Overall, the AGATE project seems like a potentially viable concept with already several features in prototype mode ready for deployment. Additionally, the ICO is well planned, and the team looks not only prepared but also well aware, with enough experience. All-in-all, it goes without saying that AGATE is an exciting project with a high proficiency of succeeding in crafting an everyday crypto-economy.

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