Agate is a new blockchain that is turning heads in the world of finance and the world of crypto. This is due to the lightning-fast transactions at low costs. All transactions are fueled by the independent AGT token. The ifiat ecosystem in Agate makes it possible to convert crypto into Fiat.

As a result, merchants are able to adopt the Agate crypto platform without the risk of volatility of digital coins. By facilitating the mass adoption of crypto, the community will be able to utilize crypto coins across international borders. Besides that, more merchants can adopt crypto.

About The iFiat System

The iFiat system will resolve some of the pertinent issues that face the world of crypto using the blockchain. Agate came up with iFiat, a crypto coin fueled by Fiat. It is stable and works like a fiat-based credit card. The fiat issued with the Agate blockchain is valued at that ration of 1:1 of the underlying asset.

The Agate blockchain will support payment from more than 17 crypto coins. Each time payment is made, the iFiat ecosystem is triggered and the crypto-coin is converted into iFiat. Crypto payments are settled in an instance and they are offered to merchants who can withdraw or spend. As a result, merchants are able to realize the full-dollar value of services and products that are being sold.

Simplified Crypto And Business Transactions

Processing of iFiat is done in a secure manner within the Agate ecosystem. It makes it possible to offer instant settlements while at the same time secure the full dollar value for merchants. The redemption of iFiat in Fiat is secure and easy.

With the conversion of iFiat running on Agate, all transactions are recorded on the immutable Agate blockchain explorer. The iFiat ecosystem makes it possible to conduct a simple adoption of crypto as the payment method. This will make it easy for merchants to understand and implement. Although it can be fully redeemed, merchants can choose to spend their iFiat in the following way:

  • Request transfer to a bank account
  • Instant load to a physical or virtual Debit Card
  • Make payments for utility bills
  • Generate the Agate crypto voucher, which can be redeemed at Agate merchant outlets

The iBucket

With the support of USD, Agate envisions support of several other currencies such as GBP, JPY, EUR, and AUD. A major feature of the iFiat ecosystem is the iBucket. This is the decentralized wallet, which is used to manage the iFiat token. With iBucket, users are able to obtain the highest value coins in the times of a bullish market.

The integration of the Agate AI and Agate Trading Bot will make it possible for users to know when users should convert their digital coins into iFiat. With more than 17 coins supported, users will be able to gain from the volatility of the market and earn an income using crypto.

The Agate’s iFiat ecosystem has a lot of potentials. It might be what helps to integrate fiat payments with crypto payments for merchants the world over.

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