The rise of decentralized application through blockchain has led to a remarkable boost in hoe we get to allocate our apps to several devices. In the future, this characteristic may play a huge role in how we get to share our social resources such as games.  In boosting the potential of the blockchain, the technology also brings a completely different gaming experience.

What Is Age Of Dragons?

The Age of Dragon has one such game design on the blockchain gaming network. As the first large-scale, self-developing game world, the product will utilize the GameGene blockchain platform as its foundation. The characteristic allows the game to incorporate a decentralized structure working under a smart contract mechanism to boost the efficiency and allocation of the social resources. In addition to this, the game design will add a tokenization feature for an income-based structure for more radical and innovative experience.

How Age Of Dragons GameGene NEO Genesis Game Works

The game's layout features a never-ending adventurer where the gamers experience a wide scale themed game. The planet will not have any repetitive scenes and the setup will keep changing to raise your experience and joy at gaming. The game ecology will allow players to integrate the game elements that will include weapon collection, worldwide battles, dragon breeding, strategy and continuous adventure from which they can collect assets along the way. In return, the gaming platform will also for a trading option of the gaming items against real-world value and achieve an even realistic value experience.

Age Of Dragons Abilities

  • An automatic game server that enables the continuous long run of the gaming experience without a stop service.
  • The game server also allows for technological capabilities such as building robust characteristics within the gaming ecosystem with the DAU hold.
  • Decentralization provides for an abundant distribution of the game ecosystem through various PC, mobile and console gaming platforms with additional successful deployment in established systems such as Wii, PS3, NDS, and Xbox among other platforms.
  • The 3-D engine of the Age of Dragon system will work on a transparency mechanism meaning their source code is open for optimization and overall management of the gaming features

Age Of Dragons NGT Token ICO Details

The GameGene Foundation will incorporate their native token (Genesis Token) which is works as an ERC-20 coin. The NGT currency will be in use in all the blockchain games present on GameGene including Age of Dragons as the initial game to utilize it. For the ICO launch, the foundation is set to issue a total amount of 20 billion NGT tokens with an exchange value with Ethereum.

1 NGT=0.000005 ETH

Already the second batch of Airdrop tokens is done with and the next goals are set on the roadmap goals.

  • NGT Amount 20,000,000,000
  • Private Round 5% N/A
  • Pre-Sale 25% N/A
  • Consultants, Marketing 25% N/A
  • Foundation 20% N/A

Token Allocation

  • 40%-gaming content and framework development
  • 20%-research and development of the gaming ecosystem
  • 20%-marketing and promotion, product branding
  • 20%- platform ecosystem development, advisors, and partners

Age Of Dragons Conclusion

While it may not feel like Virtual reality or Augmented Reality, GameGene is offering a revolutionary version for the gaming industry. The only challenge is for Age of Dragons to expand their market to have a global reach. Possibly in the future, the foundation could carve out a dominant market share with more special games.

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