Age of Rust RustBits Game Token

RustBits: Meet the Gaming Currency Within Blockchain

The use of blockchain technology is impacting many industries; we can barely keep up with the number of new ventures and ICOs in the different sectors. The popularity of cryptocurrency is a significant factor, and with influence on how we transact our finances, the gaming world was set to experience the revolution of blockchain technology.

The in-game payment features are set to undergo the adoption of tokenization thanks to the blockchain. One game, in particular, should interest the crypto enthusiasts in search of a game to keep them busy on the blockchain.

About SpacePirate

Space Pirate is a SCI-FI character game with a future dystopian universe concept and utilizes in-play gaming tokens and cards to upgrade their user's experience. The action and adventure RPG takes place in a universe with different combative actions across different planets.

Their game’s digital currency is the focus of the whole platform as it allows the players to earn fantastic rewards in the form of Age of Rust RustBits Game Token. The alt-coin is meant to help crowdfund for the development of Age of Rust and increase the gaming features.

The Age of Rust RustBits Game Token

Age of Rust RustBits Game Token are the core of the Space Pirate gaming ecosystem and facilitate most of the function in conjunction with the Rustchain Cards to facilitate the processes. The tradable tokens are the in-game currency and act as gaming fuel for the users. As of now, the coins are in limited supply, and any unsold RustBits are burnt to create new RustChain cards.

The RustChain cards are the platform’s game card collection and are eligible for use during play. For any user planning on enhancing their experience, the cards come in handy for purchasing extra items. You can also use the cards to upgrade your player’s abilities. The gaming platform will provide four RustChain cards for the different levels.

  • CARD 1-Rogue Mech
  • CARD 2-Forgotten Wasteland
  • CARD 3-The Bounty Hunter
  • CARD 4-Ghost Pilot

Why Would You Play SpacePirate

The utilization of blockchain allows several gaming processes to benefit from the seamless and decentralized structure of the technology. Here how SpacePirate enjoys the technology behind blockchain and cryptocurrency:

  1. Multiplayer – To take your experience even further you can cooperate with other players, alliances or teams within the game. However, you can also opt to play solo.
  2. No need for in-game purchases – While you can purchase additional upgrades for your character, the system of fairness ensures they do not make any difference in your gaming. As such, users won't need to purchases capabilities to gain any advantage at winning games.
  3. Use of cryptocurrency – Instead of purchasing cryptocurrency, users get to earn the Rustbits tokens as a form of reward for completing tasks or puzzles within the game. The token rewards can also go into buying more upgrades. If you want, you can choose from the list of cryptocurrencies compatible with the platform and by the gaming features even.
  4. Mobile support – Any mobile or tablet device with Wi-Fi or 4G connection can support SpacePirate and Age of Rust RustBits Game Token.
  5. Chat experience – Extensive chatting options such as private messages, and chat room to integrate players into casual gaming and to talk.
  6. Digital game cards – The RustChain cards are collectible, tradable and usable within SpacePirate. While some will be for free as rewards for gaming achievements, the supply will work on a limited supply

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