Anybody who watches the news should be aware of the meteoric rise of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum within the past year. As a result of these assets making making their mark on the global economic scene, casual investors have been presented with a wide array of opportunities to take part in this massive economic shift (which would have otherwise been quite difficult in conventional marketplaces).

ICO markets have quickly made many radical business ideas into a tangible reality. The only problem that plagues such initiatives is the ‘uncertainty factor’ that can cause rapid swings in prices, even amongst biggest players in the crypto world.

What Is AgreCoin?

AgreCoin is a platform that works to ‘compile the top 6 coins in the market at any given point, and makes them into their own fund’. As a result of this amalgamation, the risk factor is minimized, and the profitability is heightened.

How Does AgreCoin Work?

Investment Phase:

According to their market values, the ‘top 6 volume based coins’ are purchased in the ratio of 1/6 each. Then according to the deposits that are submitted into the user's account, the system keeps making value judgements and purchasing more currency on our behalf.

Growth Phase:

After the investment is done, the purchased coins are left to grow in their monetary status. As the value of any individual currency increases, so does the overall value of AgreCoin.

Why Choose Agrecoin?

Easier Management:

Through the amalgamation of various currencies under one common roof, it becomes easier to manage our investments, rather than having to look at individual ETH, BTC transactions all the time.

Faster Profits:

through the elimination of ‘currency micromanagement’, Agrecoin is able to help deliver a regular stream of profits to its users.


A hedge such as Agrecoin has the potential to provide stability to both investors and common crypto users alike. Market research has shown that the chances for Crypto survival decreases as and when the volatility of the long-term market increases. Thus, this unique coin is able to help diversify, and at the same time consolidate the gains of the 6 most stable currencies on the market.

Makes Investments Easier:

As the number of ICO’s increase per day, it also becomes tougher to make choices pertaining to investments. A lot crypto users put their hands into various different projects at the same time, and thus are faced with the issue of keeping track of every small transaction. Agrecoin eliminates this problem completely.

Is All This Based On Market Research?

Yes. Agre coin makes use of the 6 top currencies that are trading at any point in the crypto market. All of the data is collected in real time from, and as a result of this, users can actively witness the rise and fall in the value of currencies such as Bitcoin, DodgeCoin, Ethereum etc.

Other Key Features Include:

Easy Conversion:

All assets can be pegged to the local fiat currency so as to help eliminate issues related to ‘fiat instability’.

Ease Of Trade:

In order to enhance monetary exchange, fiat currencies can be easily exchanged into AgroCoins with the simple touch of a button.


Users have full access to any transactions that take place within the system. The company follows an “open book” policy, and encase customers have any questions in regard to payments within the network, they can conduct a skype call with company officials to alleviate any concerns.

AgreCoin Token Sale Details

In all there will be a total of 50 million tokens that will be issued. Out of this number, 30% of the tokens will be made available for purchase during the presale and crowdsale. The native token will be called BIP.

Crowdfunding will commence on the 1st of December, and go on till the 31st of January. After this time period lapses, all of the unsold BIP tokens will be burned.

According to the official company website, allocation and distribution of tokens has been done as follows:

  • 30% tokens will be sold during the presale and crowdsale
  • 2.5% tokens will be reserved for Referral Rewards
  • 2.5% tokens will be reserved for Bounty Programs
  • 15% tokens will be offered after Platform Launch
  • 30% tokens will be offered for Founders, Advisors and team members
  • 20% tokens are allotted for Other Expenses (Operations, Legal, PR, Consulting, Development, Technical Support, and Audit)

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