Agriculture has always been regarded as a way to get a standard influx of revenue and Agrivita farm has decided to use the blockchain technology as a means to decentralize agriculture whilst creating a form of revenue for investors. Agrivita farm is Russian based and they have come to change the way agriculture is being viewed. Agrivita has garnered adequate experience in agriculture and its development. They currently pride themselves in the fact that they create high quality and most importantly ecologically clean products.

Agrivita Ecological Agricultural Organic Farm Offers

What Agrivita offers is the provision of truly organic, natural and healthy products that are marked with quality. The foundation of Agrivita is based on the principles of eco-Production which is; healthy soils, quality control, special attention to animal health, a proper scientific approach, pure taste, clean area, skilled personnel and most importantly the conservation of the ecosystem.

Agrivita AGR Token Details

With the AGR tokens you stand the chance of having a stable interest income, the ability to exchange the AGR tokens for goods and the ability to convert the tokens to Cryptocurrency at any desired time of your choice. The token price in USD is rated at 1 Token = 1 USD with Ethereum as its only accepted Cryptocurrency. Agrivita also has a bonus program which is; pre ICO 1 AGR = 0,6 $ sale 40%. Agrivita has the following allocations to their funds; 16.9% goes to poultry purchase, 18.4% for cow house construction, 12.1% for poultry house construction, 6.3% for certification, 8.4% is allocated for quality control, 15.7% goes for cow Purchase, 9.4% for infrastructure and the remaining 12.8% would be allocated for machinery purchase.

Agrivita AGR ICO Details

The main objective of the Agrivita farm ICO is to attract at least 1.5 million AGR and they hope to achieve this via crowd investing. They also hope to use profits gotten from the crowd investment to continue with the expansion of the production facilities of the Agrivita farm. Agrivita held a pre-launch on their ICO provisions on the 2nd of February 2018 and this lasted till the 10th of February 2018. The token amount released was 300,000 AGR. The launch proper is starting on the 16th of February 2018 and is expected to last till the 16th of March 2018 with a total token amount of 1,200,000 AGR. The ICO sale is expected to start at exactly 12:00 (GMT). The only Cryptocurrency that can be used to buy the Agricoin is Ethereum.

During the repurchasing of tokens after a successful launch of the token, the rate of 1 token would be at the price of 1 token per 1 USD. You can successfully repurchase your tokens by sending the tokens to a particular special address which will then make a provision for Ether to be transferred back to you.

Agrivita Conclusion

Founded in the Russian federation in 2017, Agrivita aims at creating an environmentally friendly production. They already have a physical location in the Iznoskovsky district of Kaluga region. They have a very low hype score and are not considered as a risk.

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