What Is AIbit.top Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Aibit is a self-organized Crypto Exchange model. It derives from a Circle Plus, which is a platform for entrepreneurial community collaboration. Aibit provides an organizational structure that is decentralized and a tool for collaboration. Aibit’s intentions are to have a financing and a real investment environment, which will be helpful to the entrepreneurial communities on Circle plus.

Understanding AIbit.top?

All the transactions on this platform are highly autonomous, efficient, and transparent. Besides, the security system is reliable for every transaction executed on the platform.

Aibit is a replacement of the company management with community autonomy and community management practices of the crypto exchange. The community of Aibit is transparent and open with interests and token rights. The AT (Aibit Token), represents the rights to the yields on the platform.

In the CirclePlus platform, there is one cornerstone tool for investment, the Aibit Token, which is ideal for entrepreneurship programs. The future of Aibit lies in the implementation of ICO only for the pre –ICO investments, financing processes, and hands-on entrepreneurship programs. The cornerstone investors can view the program process and the working status of Circles on the CirclePlus. That enables them to decide on whether to withdraw the remaining Aibit token and interrupt the process.

AIbit.top Community Role

The Aibit community has the sole mandate to decide on whether to exclude a program from the ICO tentative list, based on whether the cornerstone investors have invested in it. In this way, the investor benefits are guaranteed, and the market ensures the quality of the ICO. This prevents projects that are unreal from endangering the benign development of the financial environment and investment.

Every AT holder can rightfully participate in the business decision-making process, the election of the community administrator, and many other activities on Aibit platform.

Ai in the Aibit word represents artificial intelligence, which means the platform uses codes to shield moral risks. IT is an interpretation of Trinitarian value (valuable, community, and real), which is in front of each participant.

AIbit.top High Performance Trading Features

Safe And Stable

It has a multi-cluster and multi-tier system architecture, which makes it safe and stable to transact.

Fast Processing

The platform can process about 1,400,000 orders every second.

Highly Liquid

It is highly liquid, as it has abundant resources and partners.

Wide Coverage Of Devices

The platform can work on a wide range of devices, which include Android, Html5, Wechat, Web and Desktop computers.

Multilanguage Support

The platform supports multiple languages including, English, Japanese Korean and Chinese

Supports Multiple Coins

In the platform, you can transact several coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, LTC and AT.

AIbit.top Advantages

A Strong Team

The team behind the platform is a success, having several products on the market. Besides, they have experience in the Wall Street and crypto finance.

Platform Is Proven

The Aibit platform is already operational on 30+ exchanges. It's working well and offering users a seamless experience.

Technology Is Superior

The certified matching engine of the platform is one of the fastest exchanges in the market today.

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