Aidos Kuneen

Financial privacy is becoming increasingly important and more individuals are seeking solutions that could help them keep their economic data private. For this purpose, Aidos Kuneen is developing a next-generation project that provides an open-source platform that is designed to give users more financial privacy through decentralization and scalability.

What Is Aidos Kuneen?

Unlike the use of blockchain, AIDOS Kuneen follows a stacked technology that enables the users to spend their coins without having to worry about tracing. In use is the IMesh technology that similar distributed ledger system that operates on the DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph). However, the technology remains vastly different from blockchain. Still, DAG provides the IMesh technology with similar characteristics of a distributed database, a P2P Network and uses a validation mechanism.

The features will also include:

  • No blocks, providing scalability
  • Quantum Secure
  • Mobile and desktop wallet versions
  • Zero fees for transacting
  • Backed by the Aidos Foundation

How Aidos Kuneen Blockchain Network & Crypto Coin Works

Aidos Keneen will establish a token (ADK) to facilitate the transactions between users on the AidosMesh platform. The ADK token issuance and use will follow the following structure:

  • Setting the transaction inputs by signing with the private keys
  • The Random Walk Monte Carlo algorithm randomly selects two unconfirmed transactions from where they will reference the transaction.
  • Next, the transaction would need one to solve the cryptographic puzzle for your purchase to go into the IMesh network and finalize the process.

Aidos Kuneen ADK Token Technical Information

  • Amount supply- 25,000,000 ADK
  • Technology- IMesh (DAG)
  • Mining option- No
  • Premine- No

Aidos Kuneen Conclusion

The DAG technology is relatively new, and there is still need for more research to satisfy if truly it can truly fulfill the need for financial privacy. Still, Aidos Kuneen has little to desire regarding long-term viability.

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