Undeniable AI and blockchain are significant technologies catalyzing the pace of innovation within the sectors of the economy. The introduction of radical shifts by these two innovations is as a result of the technical complexity and business implications the joint use could have in redesigning our technological paradigm.

The AI Gaming is an upcoming ICO that wants to realize the potentialities of intersecting AI and blockchain and share it with the masses. The exciting player intends to provide for a reliable channel for the average individual to experience the benefits and here's how

About AI Gaming

AI Gaming is community-driven AI ecosystem with the goal of promoting an AI-driven future by leveraging AI expertise for solving real-world problems and situations. The platform hopes to connect potential AI adopters and users to prevent AI experts, algorithms, and services from around the globe. The drawing of AI developers and experts is in line with AI Gaming’s goal of a talent pool for a global resource solution for AI recruitment and outsourcing options.

Features Of The AI Community

As a thriving ecosystem for AI enthusiasts, AI Gaming hope to provide the following services for AI solutions

  • Education: AI Gaming provide for online courses and certifications in AI systems
  • Crowdsourcing: organizations, companies, and individuals can harness AI Gaming pool of developers for their respective AI needs
  • Recruitment: AI developers in search of work can link up to businesses looking for their expertise
  • Marketplace: AI developers also get to publish their bot versions and earning from renting or selling out the bot.
  • Marketing: AI Gaming allows for users to make customizable marketing campaigns in non-spam ads.
  • Competition: users get to test their skills in games and tournaments on the AI Gaming Ecosystem.

aigaming homepage

What Is The End-Game For AIGC?

Potentially the capability of the AI Gaming platform to provide for a wide range of AI solutions will utilize the AIGC token as a mean of secure payment method for the AI community. Consequently, this would bring forth the following potential advantages: –

  • Rewarding: AIGC is out to use as a mode of incentive to learn, to reward the AI developers and users who earn certificates.
  • Recruitment services: recruiters looking for potential employees can access AIGC's recruitment system, and opt for potential AI developers
  • Game currency: AIGC will work as an entry fee for gaming and challenges on the platform with each bot winner set to get a token-reward cashout
  • Crowdsourcing funds: with the ability to facilitate micropayments, AIGC will allow for users to collectively participate in funding AI development and projects

ICO Details And Token Allocation

  • Token Symbol: AIGC
  • Type: ERC-20/Ethereum
  • Pre-Sale start date: 9 April, 2018
  • Presale End date: 1 May, 2018
  • KYC: Yes
  • Initial token price rate: 1 AIGC=$ 0.50
  • Accepts: BTC, ETH, GBP, USD and LTC
  • Supply: 100,000,000 AIGC
  • Hard Cap: 25 million USD
  • Soft Cap: 1 million USD

Token distribution

  • Token sale: 50%
  • Community Reserve: 25%
  • Company Pool: 25%

AIGC – AIGaming Conclusion

The forging of blockchain and AI is an excellent technological spectrum and AI Gaming is a definite example of how the two extreme technologies can foster a cohesive platform. In AI gaming situation the ultimate challenge is to overcome the ethical and technical implications that are rising from the fusing of the two powerful technologies.

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