Creativity drives the progression of civilization, science, and technologies. With civilization progressing and the awareness of global citizenship enhancing, an increasing number of aspiring people are starting to invest their innovation in solving problems such as energy, food, climate, environment, and diseases.

Nevertheless, whether good values will be realized still depends on how many resources can be mobilized.

AIgatha team is committed to building up a DC system and AI platform through the blockchain technology, making it accessible, easy-to-use, safe and effective. Based on the resource sharing mechanism supported by blockchain, everyone simply can use a computer to facilitate various global issues.

In return, they will receive a sense of achievement and economic rewards. That means, miners can contribute their efforts to improve the world while they are maintaining blockchains.

What Is AIgatha?

AIgatha gets the name from the idea of Agatha Lively, a character with the strongest ability to predict the future, in the film The Minority Report. Like Agatha, they hope to fulfill people's ideas and resolve all sorts of problems with superior service platform based on technologies of the blockchain, distributed computing, and artificial intelligence.

AIgatha Blockchain Artificial Intelligence iMLOv System Mission

Their mission is to empower every individual to realize their values and ideas faster and to make progress in human civilizations. Based on the strong computing power of blockchain, simplified distributed computing (DC) and artificial intelligence (AI) platform, AIgatha creates a multi-win and equal cooperation model where creative designers, computing power suppliers, and developers are able to achieve a sense of achievement with sufficient rewards.

AIgatha ATH Token ICO Details

The AIgatha tokens released for the crowdfunding would be 2 billion in total without further increment. The number of tokens for sale would be 1 billion in total, which would be in two phases: Presale and public sale.

During Presale, they will provide additional tokens as rewards so that subscribers at this phase are able to enjoy preferential treatment. Tokens that are not sold during this period will be put on sale during the Public sale. Presale is expected to start at 05/06/2018 and end at 30/06/2018. Public sale is expected to start at 01/07/2018 and end at 31/07/2018.

The funds raised during the ICO will be used as follows:

  • Hardware devices (40%) – To up the server and purchase high-speed computing devices after the company is established.
  • Human resource cost (20%) – To cover the cost of company labor and external employees.
  • System building (15%) – To build the blockchain framework
  • Legal advice (10%) – Budget for legal affairs.
  • Reseach and patent application (10%) – To cover the cost of the application for related AIgatha patents.
  • Promotion projects (5%) – To support the combination of AIgatha and related industry chain and promote the products.

AIgatha Conclusion

Algatha builds the DC and AI systems base on blockchains, helping users dramatically reduce the time for project calculations and make accurate predictions. They will also use their own systems to launch a personal scientific research or commercial projects, such as building an antibody-drug design platform.

AIgatha will establish a conducive environment for users, miners, and developers. Users can save lots of cost and time by using DC and AI service and their data privacy will be ensured by the properties of the blockchain.

Miners will enjoy enhanced fairness and enjoy more values and a sense of achievement for their input in this reward model of project computing. Developers have access to a developing platform where they can sell AI algorithm and have the computing support from the whole blockchain.

For more about the company and to participate in the ICO visit

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