What Is Aimedis?

Aimedis is a medical community that uses the blockchain technology and smart contract to bring a change in the communication between doctors and patients and information handling among hospitals. Users of the platform can use the Aimedis management system for medical information storing, sharing, and safely securing it. The patients can only share the information with the people they choose.

The Aimedis platform also offers among others video chat between doctors and patients, enabling the making of appointments and prescriptions online and content learning. It includes in the system different equipment like blood pressure monitors. The platform has a backing of every transaction using the Aimchain blockchain.

How Aimedis Blockchain AI Medical Health Coin Works

The Aimedis token is AIM and is classified as an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform uses a dual design blockchain to ensure maximum privacy of a patient’s data in the record system. The platform uses the Ethereum blockchain for every transaction that have to be published and a private blockchain for transactions that does not require publishing.

The aim token holders will be included in each earning that the platform is able to yield. The patients using the platform are able to gain AIM tokens when they pay for video consultations done online as well as prescriptions with the doctors being available all through. Resident doctors are also eligible to pay a fee for using the online services.

The platform also earns revenue when hospitals cooperating with it use the services with their patients. Through the Aimedis platform, healthcare providers will give these services online to a wide variety of patients hence the generation of extra tokens for the platform.

Aimedis Benefits

The benefits of investing in the platform include:

Connects With The Patient's Life

The Aimedis platform contains apps that run on equipment, activated and located near the patients. This allows for the collection of data concerning their health status.

Gives Benefits To Patients

The platform should be able to select patient information that is of use to both the patient and the doctor to assess what the patient needs. The recorded information should encourage the patients to continue filling in and expanding their health profile electronically.

Puts Patients In Control Of Their Data

Every health record in the platform is of the patient and he is the only one who has full control over it. Only family members can assist when patients are not able.

Ensures Privacy Of Patients Is Maintained

The exact observations about the health status of a patient are not published but rather are put in recording in databases that are private.

Records The Wish And Intention Of The Patient

The Aimedis application allows for the recording of every wish that the patient wants in terms of treatment, donations of organs, and any other matter that involves ethical questions in the medical field.

Aimedis AIM Token ICO Details


  • Token Symbol: AIM
  • Token Sale Start: Launch of Aimedis 1.0 2017 Q3
  • Token Sale Ends : Release of Aimedis 3.0 2020 Q1
  • Token Price: 0,12 USD
  • Total Supply: 600 Million


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