AIONNEXT describes itself as a crypto trading revolution. Find out how it works today in our review.


AIONNEXT, found online at, promises to provide one-on-one guidance to cryptocurrency traders.

Using the platform, you can diversify your investments and minimize the complexity of cryptocurrency investing.

To get started, you open an account on, deposit money, then let the platform start making trades on your behalf. You can join PAMM pools through the platform to participate in forex trading, for example.

The platform was announced with a press release in October 2017. However, the company claims to have been operating as a forex broker since the year 2000.

How Does AIONNEXT Work?

AIONNEXT claims to offer exclusive guidance and investment planning. Just like a financial planner, AIONNEXT wants to help you plan your cryptocurrency investments, diversify your portfolio, and become a smarter trader in the long-run. You can choose which cryptocurrency you invest in.

Overall, AIONNEXT advertises three main features:

  • Investment Analysis and Advice: AIONNEXT’s describes their platform as a “sophisticated trading platform” where users can buy bitcoins with a credit card, wire transfer, and more.
  • Mining: AIONNEXT claims to offer “the latest and most rewarding currencies and trading opportunities through its “unique algorithmic mining technology”.
  • Vault Management: AIONNEXT has a “convenient wallet for your bitcoin storage needs”. They also claim to have an offline wallet.

Ultimately, these are the main cryptocurrency products listed on the official website, with limited additional explanation about any of these services.


If you sign up for AIONNEXT, then you’ll be taken to a dashboard where you can access various trading opportunities. The company has PAMM accounts, for example, that promise to deliver “consistently strong” results.

You can also complete a questionnaire, then get investment recommendations based on your answers.

Deposits can be made to the platform via wire transfer, credit card, or bitcoin.

From the front page of your AIONNEXT dashboard, you can view your total equity, open positions, balance, liquid balance, and PAMM balance.

PAMM investments, by the way, are forex investment funds. PAMM stands for “percentage allocation management module” or “percentage allocation money management”. It’s a type of forex trading where you pool money together, then get paid based on your proportional contribution. It’s a way to avoid getting hit by excessive trading fees.

Who’s Behind AIONNEXT?

AIONNEXT was created by a company called Digital Hestia Limited, which is registered in Majuro, Marshall Islands. The Marshall Islands are a popular country for offshore corporation registrations, and the company is not actually based at this location.

A Google Search for “Digital Hestia Limited” returns no results outside of We can’t find the names of anyone associated with the company.

The company claims to have been operating in the cryptocurrency space since 2010, when they became “one of the first multi-functional platforms” that supported bitcoin trading. In reality, the website appears to have been registered earlier in 2017.

AIONNEXT makes other weird claims. They claim to have hosted an ICO in 2016, for example, and they claim to have been running a forex brokerage since the year 2000 “based in the financial hub of London, England.”

Ultimately, it’s hard to verify any of this information. The company claims to have been founded in London in the year 2000 “by computer engineers and former investment bankers”, but we can’t find much evidence of the company’s 20 year history available online.

AIONNEXT Conclusion

AIONNEXT is an unusual website. The company vaguely mentions cryptocurrency mining and trading services, but we can’t find any evidence of that. The company also claims to have been operating as a forex broker since the year 2000 – but we can’t find much evidence of that either. The company is also registered in Majuro, Marshall Islands – despite the fact that it has no actual presence in the country, and insists that it’s registered in London, England.

Despite the enormous claims made by the company about its history and experience, the website was just registered in 2017. Google Searches for AIONNEXT return minimal results about the company aside from press releases from October 2017.

Ultimately, the point of AIONNEXT seems to be to push users into depositing money into a PAMM account, where your money is pooled with money from other investors to access big returns from the forex market. We can’t find much proof that AIONNEXT is a legitimate investment opportunity – there’s an overall lack of transparency about the platform and how it works.


  1. Please everyone do not invest a penny into a company called Aionnext, they are a scam, you will lose any investment. To read all reviews go to a site called bitcoin scams. They operate in Bulgaria and are nothing but con men and women.

    Please take my advice and don’t even speak to them.

    Graham Kilbourn

  2. yes its true as soon as you have any sort of problem you never hear from them again I don’t understand why they are allowed a platform to rip people off you say anything bad on here you get band for a month you rip people of and they allow you to continue go figure


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