What Is AirCraft?

AirCraft Company represents a coalition of renowned companies and experts in the tourism sector. The company is organized towards uniting all tourism players to capitalize on their combined experiences along with the strength of blockchain technology. The AirCraft platform will enable users to pay with over 30 currencies, including several cryptocurrencies.

Reasons For Forming AirCraft

AirCraft was designed to resolve various problems currently found in the tourism sector. Some of these problems include fraud, reservation mistakes, chargebacks, overbooking, and shoddy service providers. The AirCraft team believes that creating an interconnected platform that will gather, update and store various tourism related information will address most of these issues, including for clients and network partners. The end goal is ensuring open transactions for each reservation and ticket, with no deception or unfairness.

Aircraft Blockchain Travel Rewards For Flights, Hotels, Cars & Events

AirCraft will mostly help clients find cheap and convenient flights to their chosen destinations. It will also extend the flight reservation service to booking hotels, car rentals and access to local cultural events. The reservation also extends from booking flights to both ferries and cruise ships all over the world. Most importantly all these reservation services are rounded out with other extras like trip insurance, which covers emergency treatment, reimbursement for canceled bookings and lost baggage.

Even though many users will likely use AirCraft for making reservations and bookings for various flights and cruises, this platform can handle a lot more responsibility than that. Those in search of extra services can consider hiring personal agents from AirCraft to help them out in planning the trip. The agent will act as the virtual trip escort and will monitor the service and safety of the client during the journey.

AirCraft AIRT Token

Besides supporting multiple currencies, AirCraft will also use a native coin for making payments on its platform. The native AirCraft token will be used for paying for the different services, and it will protect both the client’s financial information and transaction details in the mobile wallet. The ERC20 tokens will be unveiled during the initial coin offering.

AirCraft AIRT Token ICO Details

The first pre-ICO stage will start on 15th September and run until 10th October 2018. At this stage, the token price will be $0.60 along with a $5 million hard cap. Also, there will be bonuses for investors based on their size of contribution as well as the time which they made that investment. 10% of the total tokens will be processed in this pre-ICO stage while the main ICO stage will feature 20% and 40% for phase one and two respectively.

Aircraft Conclusion

This comprehensive AirCraft platform will also include an intricate app that will contain the latest deals on a wide range of tourism services. With great deals, seamless payments, secure reservation, and a robust token, the AirCraft token ICO is well worth a look.

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