One of the biggest trends in crypto in 2018 is airdrops. In some cases, it can add up to thousands of dollars in just a few weeks. As the name suggests, airdrops are free money just like rains falls from the sky, drenching participants in wealth.

Why Airdrops

The main reason airdrops have become so popular is that the SEC and many other regulators have taken a keen interest in crypto and ICOs. These ICOs are very similar to IPOs. However, they do not go through the same auditing that IPOS have to undergo. Besides that, the holders of these coins do not undergo any scrutiny.

Despite crypto being a regulated commodity in the US, it is because the CFTC is the only regulator that has claimed jurisdiction thus far. The SEC has yet to regulate ICOs, but they have announced they plan to do it.

Besides that, the SEC has been cracking down on ICO fraud. There have been some major high profile arrests in recent times. These moves have led the crypto world to try to stay out of the SEC’s dragnet and thus out of federal prison.

For instance, Coinbase is trying to register with the SEC as a securities brokerage. If it gets approval, it will only be able to trade tokens approved by the SEC. Meanwhile, coin offerings are beginning to avoid ICOs. Instead, they are turning to airdrops. This ensures that they release the tokens to the public without breaking the law. In essence, it means that it is raining free money.

Airdrops Is a Good Marketing Strategy

The early adopters of Ethereum are familiar with the airdrops model. This is because hundreds of proprietary tokens are hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. These tokens have been airdropped to Ethereum holders since early days.

The airdrop concept was initially used as a marketing gimmick by various tokens such as Polymath. They did this to be recognizable in the crowded marketplace. Besides that, the ban of ICOs by Facebook, Google, and Twitter has forced crypto projects to look for alternatives. Some have turned to content marketing to try to get the word out.

Others have turned to airdrops. They simply give away free tokens. These airdrops are often used to raise awareness of the underlying projects. In most cases, building a user base through airdrops sometimes has more value than conducting an ICO.

How to Claim Free Money in Airdrops

The best way to profit from an airdrop is to hodl coins on the blockchains that host other tokens such as EOS and Ethereum. In most airdrops, you will need to have a balance in your crypto wallet to be part of airdrops.

Where to Find Airdrops

One of the places you can find airdrops is at the site. The site often lists new airdrops, which you can follow and earn some free money. However, keep in mind that most of them are worthless. However, if you accumulate enough coins, you might just be lucky enough to land a profitable airdrop.

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