Airexe Review

In January 2018, the global cryptocurrency market passed the $700 Billion in value and is expected to cross the 5 trillion USD mark in 2021. This rapid growth of the market has turned heads of governments, regulators and classic financial institutions. This is a problem for the numerous crypto exchanges on the market as they do not follow regulation rules or have dubious past.

Airexe is a crypto exchange platform which is future proof by following rules from day one.

About Airexe

Airexe will be the most convenient crypto-fiat exchange for beginners and professional crypto traders. They have accumulated vast practical knowledge about problems and issues of existing cryptocurrencies and bought the solutions to their platform.

They have their focus on ensuring increased security for their clients’ funds, providing live responsive support to any customers’ requests, high availability and accessibility. They even strive to bring functionalities for professional traders and ease of use to the newbies.

Solutions Offered by AIREXE

  • High security measures: They take the highest security measures by having the latest authentication processes and biometrics for mobile users.
  • Cooperation with regulators and governments: They follow regulation and do a detailed KYC/AML/CTF procedures.
  • Responsive Customer Support: This has been one of the most prevailing problems in older exchanges and with unresponsiveness of the customer support trust in the company goes down. AIREXE has 24/7 live customer support with timely response.
  • Beginner friendly: The platform is easy to set up and intuitive. They even offer tutorials for newbie traders.
  • Transparency: Project ownership and the source code is open for the world to see and scrutinize.
  • Mobile friendly: They have paid special attention to mobile users by making a device-neutral exchange.
  • Blockchain: AIREXE has integrated with the latest Blockchain technology.
  • Ratings and Analytics: They provide cryptocurrency professional analytics and ratings for projects, token and cryptocurrencies.

AIRX Token Sale

Tokenized Assets Offering(TAO) will take place from 15th March 2018 to 30th April 2018. Token standard will be Ethereum ERC223. Minimal contribution is any amount greater than 0.01 ETH. Project goal is to reach 32 million USD but the soft cap is 950,000 USD and Hard Cap is 32 million. Price of AIRX depends on your contribution amount:

  • 0.01 ETH per 1 AIRX for payments less than 2 ETH
  • 0.009 ETH per 1 AIRX for payments from 2 ETH to 10 ETH
  • 0.008 ETH per 1 AIRX for payments from 10 ETH and more

There is special bonus for large contributors which allows lifetime of free trading for owning 15,500 AIRX tokens or more.

AIRX token allocation:

  • 85% will be allocated for TAO
  • 5% goes for marketing and promotion
  • 5% goes in bounty campaigns
  • 5% is given to the partners and advisors.

Airexe Conclusion

When cryptocurrencies were in its nascent stage there was a vast chasm between the revolutionary technology and governments. Products like AIREXE have been bridging that gap. This will help in gaining government’s trust and will assist in mass adoption of crypto.

You can find more about AIREXE and their ICO on their website

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