Airfio promises to offer decentralized banking on blockchain technology. Find out how the platform works today in our review.

What is Airfio?

Airfio, found online at, aims to introduce “a new revolution in the crypto banking and fintech industry”. The platform uses blockchain technology to streamline financial applications – including everything from financial transfers to debit card issuance and more.

Basically, Airfio wants to build a blockchain-based financial institution catered to the crypto industry. It promises to be “the future of crypto banking.”

Let’s take a closer look at how Airfio works – and whether or not the upcoming ICO is worth an investment.

How Does Airfio Work?

Airfio uses blockchain technology to create seamless cryptocurrency transactions for all parties. Along the way, Airfio integrates machine learning and neural language.

Overall, Airfio aims to offer products and services similar to a traditional bank. The company offers a smart wallet, ARF coin, VISA card, mining app, decentralized exchange, SDK for developers, app for merchants, and more. All of these platforms are built on AI technology – although it’s not totally clear why.

Why do you need everything from your bank to be built on AI technology? Airfio claims that this is the “very first time in crypto industry that a blockchain transactions is processed via artificial intelligence.”

That AI is used, according to the official website, to verify every transaction. The AI uses neural language analysis in all cryptocurrency-related applications to verify each transaction.

The platform revolves around the use of ARF coins.

Airfio Features

ARF coins are used to interact with all parts of the Airfio platform, including all of the following features:

Crypto Bank:

Airfio describes its crypto bank as “universal”. It’s a bank built on blockchain technology. That bank is anonymous, although your bank account number is fixed.

Smart Crypto Wallet (Universal, Anonymous Transactions):

Airfio’s smart wallet allows for fast, anonymous, and secure transactions. That wallet claims to use “artificial intelligence which is integrated with diverse cutting-edge features.” One of those cutting-edge features is the ability to create 10 wallet addresses from a single account.

Visa Card:

Airfio users can access a Visa card. That card will be accessible anywhere an ordinary Visa card is accessible. Despite the fact that the Airfio website calls it a “Visa Card”, a picture of the card itself features a Mastercard logo – so it’s not totally clear which network the card uses. in any case, the card plans to be released in Q2 2018.

Decentralized Exchange:

Airfio will have a decentralized exchange. Like other decentralized exchanges, you’ll hold onto your funds throughout the secure trading process.

Assistance App:

The Assistance Application is described as “a personal manager to the user which guides them across every possible exertion they face/have” – whatever that means. The Airfio whitepaper features no further details about the application or how it works.

Mining App:

Airfio claims to have an “exceptional mining application which employs mobile technology”. That mining application is also not available today, but is scheduled for release in Q2 2018.

Lending Program:

The Airfio whitepaper and official website are vague about most platform features, but they’re particularly vague about the lending program. The company vaguely mentions a lending program, but has no further details about the program or how it works.

The Airfio ICO

Airfio is releasing a maximum supply of 25 million tokens. 9 million tokens are being sold during the ICO (30 day sale), with 1 million sold during the pre-ICO (5 day sale).

The pre-ICO begins on November 15, with the crowdsale concluding on December 15, 2017.

ARF coins promise to combine banking technology with blockchain technology. Here’s how the whitepaper explains the functions of the cryptocurrency:

“ARF combines bank with blockchain. This cryptocurrency is more secured, transactions under which is verified through neural language processing. It is built with an easy interface to provide simplified access to everyone, ranging from beginners to highly experienced & established investors.”

The company will use funds raised during the ICO “to streamline banking & fintech operations as a whole,” explains the official website. The funds are split between marketing (35%), development (20%), operations (15%), legal (20%), and the community (10%).

Who’s Behind Airfio?

The Airfio whitepaper features no team information. We also cannot find any team information on the official website. The company’s Twitter page lists its location as the United States.

Airfio was founded in Q1 2016. The project was developed throughout 2016 and 2017.

The company claims to have partnered with Coindesk,, and CryptoCoins News to bring the platform to life. Despite the fact that each platform’s logo is featured prominently on the official website, it’s unclear how Airfio has partnered with each company. It appears they’ve only been featured in media reports on each site.

Airfio Conclusion

Airfio promises to be “the future of crypto banking”. However, the website, whitepaper, and initial press releases for the company have limited information about how any of these programs work. The company vaguely mentions a lending program, a debit card, a decentralized exchange, neural language, and artificial intelligence.

However, they don’t go into any further depth about any of these features – like technical specifications or how they work. In fact, much of the Airfio website and whitepaper seems to focus on trendy buzzwords without giving any concrete specifics about the platform, its development goals, or release schedule.

Ultimately, it’s hard to understand any element of the Airfio project, based on the limited information we see online. Nevertheless, the pre-ICO for Airfio is underway from November 15 to December 15, 2017. You can learn more about the platform by visiting online today at

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