The issue of cryptocurrency mining still rages on with more focusing now going to the level of energy consumption that has broken ground recently. Like most FUD stories, crypto mining electricity costs are providing more doom to crypto enthusiasts in a world that is seeking to become more environmentally friendly. In the end, the most persuasive argument is now we can prevent the crypto world from making the world fall into an ecological disaster due to unsustainable crypto mining. Indeed, there are indeed ways we could use to ensure mining has a negligible carbon output.

One excellent option that seems to be catching up is the use of the decentralized platform to supply crypt miners with green energy. The concept is instead of every crypto miner to rely on his energy sources; they can securely purchase extra power sourced from private energy reserves. And as we are going to see next, the use of blockchain technology could help improve the sourcing of green energy and ultimately have a positive impact on climate change.

What Is Airforce Mining?

It is s an eco-friendly venture that plans to offer a renewable energy option for crypto miners through their utility token (AFX). The digital currency will allow users to purchase a share of the equipment and in return get a monthly passive income as part of profits from the sale of “green” energy. As a shareholder of the energy-producing machinery, investors will receive their share of the profit earning by the number of tokens

The Airforce Mining firm generates the electricity in use for mining through eco-friendly mechanisms that will reduce the underlying challenges facing cryptocurrency and digital assets. Airforce Mining plans on achieving this by partnering with energy, automation and electrical experts who will work to ensure a reliable energy supply network.

The Basics Of How Airforce Mining Works

The Airforce Mining Project sites are within Queensland, Australia as per their expectations. The platform's energy production will rely solely on using renewable energy sources such as

  • Solar
  • Hydropower
  • Wind turbines

As an alternative mining solution, Airforce Mining expects to reduce the environmental impact cryptocurrency miners have on the production of electricity and climate. Additionally, Airforce Mining will offer a quicker rise in investment profit output with their global expansion strategy which is unlike other energy pool mining companies. The implementation of their green electricity will have zero-cost energy, and this means investors get to gains a higher percentage of the energy mining profits.

What's new?

Although most of the energy pool platforms. Airforce mining stands out in different ways. For starters

  • The mining pool options are the platform's very own and these means investing makes you a shareholder of the equipment
  • The token is not a representation of the number of kilowatts you can purchase or hash power. The AFX token is a percentage of the mining production.
  • The token also has a function in that it is redeemable for a portion of the mining production.

Is There Any Guarantee On Airforce Mining's Future?

Airforce mining seems rather ambitious in their quest for a green energy mining. However, the energy sector is not an easy fete to overcome on a global scale, and it is going to take more than blockchain technology just to ensure success.


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