Airline and Life Networking (ALLN) Wins Best Blockchain App Award in Thailand

Airline and Life Networking (ALLN) won the best blockchain application award in the Summit Forum of Global Blockchain and Financial Technology held in Bangkok, Thailand on June 20, 2018.

The ALLN system aims to interconnect with the flight service of Far Eastern Air Transport Corporation, enhancing the possibility of further densifying and broadening its navigation network in various regions. By associating the cryptocurrency with the solid consumption economy supported by large enterprises. Airline and Life Networking system can serve as a transaction channel for smart contracts, consumption and asset allocation.

ALLN takes the consumption style of the credit card as a reference to establish a clearing center(Settlement center) for procedures in order to reduce the waiting time for exchanging commodities and forming business cooperation efficiently. To make Cryptocurrency a practical use.

The blockchain is the permanent data saving technology that cannot be altered, and the information risk and costs of transactions using such technology are significantly reduced. ALLN’s smart contract allow consumers to buy a ‘right of ownership’ of flight tickets. So, consumers don’t need to provide ID or name when booking and paying the ticket. At last, consumers can transfer the rights to anybody or issue the tickets for self-using before the deadline set by airlines.

The restaurants or duty-free shops in the airports are the scenarios for all flight-passengers in travel. However, the quality of the restaurants and shops is a question mark for travelers.

Airline and Life Networking is not only a payment tool providing a bridge between businesses and consumers of air transport and tourism in airports, but also a blockchain tool to evaluate the services and commodities when the owner pays at checkout. This permanent data saving technology supports other travelers a reference to select a restaurant or shop also improves the businesses to provide high qualities service and goods.

The aviation tourism industry is a vast supply chain and service consumer market. According to the statistics from World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the production value of international travel industry has amounted to $ 1.26 USD trillion, and it is estimated to reach $ 2 trillion USD in 2030. Among which, the percentage of global tourism income attributable to Asia and Pacific-Asia market has increased from 8.2% in 1980 to 21.7% in 2010, and it is expected

To achieve 29.5% in 2030 with the production value of $ 600 million USD. The Asia and Pacific-Asia market thus becoming the fastest expanding region for global tourism consumption growth. ALLN has positioned itself to benefit massively from this development.

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