Since the Rose Revolution of 2003 in Georgia, the new government began to implement comprehensive reforms. These reforms touched on all aspects of Georgian life. The economic reforms were meant to address liberalization of the nation’s economy. These reforms would provide for the sustainable growth of the economy based on developments in the private sector. Besides that, they would create an attractive business environment that would lead to a major inflow of Foreign Direct Investment. This would facilitate high economic growth.

The strategy worked, and by 2013, Georgia was ranked as one of the top 10 nations in various indexes on development. Because of its sweeping reforms, the nation has shown exceptional resilience to financial shocks. For instance, during the global financial crisis, the economy of Georgia was growing by 2.3% annually. It went through a slight slowdown but was able to recover a short while later. The inflation rate in Georgia has also been quite low. Thus far, its economy looks just fine.

Posed Problems AISI Aims To Solve

In Georgia, there is lack of lending platforms that promote startups or existing projects, which need a boost. In short, the space for innovative ideas is lacking in the country. The few opportunities that do exist offer high-interest rates and terms only friendly to the owners of the money. Besides that, there is a lot of bureaucracy involved.

However, this is a major problem globally, the data from the World Bank shows that about 70 percent of all SMEs lack access to adequate credit. However, most experts agree that small businesses show great potential for growth. In developed countries, SMEs account for almost half of the GDP.

It is estimated that there is a total credit gap globally of about USD 3 trillion when formal and informal SMEs are considered. However, this figure could be actually higher. This is because it is not possible to have an accurate data collection method on a global scale.

Banks usually cherry-pick projects and only work with those that have minimal risk. It has meant that many banks are inflexible. Besides that, serving customers is usually quite expensive. The result is that banks will try to maximize the income they can make from each individual. However, crypto could offer the perfect solution. It is especially useful in Georgia, which is not crowded by crypto projects.

The AISI Solution

Although crypto has yet to gain mass adoption, it is quite useful in solving some of the issues described above. All projections show that the crypto market share will continue rising for years to come. This is where AISI come in. It offers any investor in Georgia an opportunity to gain funding for the project without any third party interference.

The AISI platform will feature the AISI wallet. It is a separate wallet where transactions can be performed internally without a fee. Through AISI, the developers hope to bring financing into the hands of Georgian investors who desperately need it. The pre-ICO for AISI is active. The ICO will be held shortly after the conclusion of this pre-ICO.

AISI ICO Details

  • Token Symbol: AISI
  • Token Sale Starts: May 10, 2018
  • Token Sale Ends: April 30, 2018
  • Token Price: $0,08 USD
  • Total Supply:250 Million

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