An artificial Intelligence market leader, Aitheon, announced that it has instigated its very first token presale. This announcement was made on January 18, 2018, by Aitheon’s Founder and CEO, Andrew Archer, at a Blockchain Conference held in Miami. The North American event attracted thousands of prominent blockchain Investors, seasoned traders, and entrepreneurs.

Archer is a serial entrepreneur with an eye for and focus in AI. He developed Aitheon to help individuals learn how to use robots and develop new skills for their businesses.

Aitheon has built a computerized system with the intent of simplifying life through Artificial Intelligence, human, and robotic symbiosis. The Ethereum-based platform uses integratable virtual robots and robot cameras to automate business processes.

Backed by prominent remote AI experts, the system engages product testers and users through various innovative platforms. These specialists assist with the proprietary of AI algorithms to complete various business activities. The work of these professionals remains unknown but creates 99.99%accuracy when classified through a set of agreed computer rules and processes.

Speaking to Coinspeaker, Archer, explains the idea behind this unique platform. He says that Aitheon is designed to do the heavy lifting for businesses. He mentions that humans control the system remotely in a program known as “The specialist”. Here, they solve problems that cannot be solved by the AI.

However, in mobile systems, Archer adds that Aitheon uses a program known as “The Pilot” where humans, in this case, pilots take control of the robotics system. They assist the robots until the robots ask for permission to work on their own after which they disconnect.

Aitheon is not only for the end users. The platform is developed to integrate AI companies, robotics companies and humans in order to help everyone advance. For instance, Aitheon has a module that does groundwork for companies and individuals trying to build products of their own. Its web-based platforms help individuals write various blocks of code and distribute them wirelessly.

The idea behind humans, robotics and AI symbiosis is to enable human beings and robots to work together in harmony. In an era where humans believe that a robot is designed to take over human jobs, Aitheon platform has essentially retooled the workforce. Humans can become specialists or pilots, collaborate with robots, or create robots of their own.

Archer further explains that all workers on Aitheon’s platform will be paid with AIC, an Ethereum-based utility token. Once they have performed tasks on the Aitheon platform, these workers can mine the AIC Token.

The AIC Token’s presale started on 18th January 2018, and is scheduled to end on 31st January 2018. The presale enables AIC Token holders and people registered for Aitheon program to learn about the products as well as test their functionality.

The company is also planning to launch an automated store in April 2018. Currently, Aitheon is working on more automated systems such as parking systems, material handling, logistics, and receptionists.

In the next few weeks, Aitheon is planning to make a breakthrough announcement about its product line. The company will also sign business agreements with major industrial corporations.

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