AK Jensen Group's New AKJ Crypto Fund Selects Caspian Crypto Asset Management System

Caspian, which has been established as a full stack in crypto asset management platform that has been able to tie together one of the largest crypto exchange’s in just a single interface, has gone ahead to announce that the AK Jensen Group has selected them. They have been selected to ensure they are able to provide a portfolio and trading management technology to the crypto asset managers that are on their fund platform.

The AKJ Crypto has been managed and owned by the AK Jensen Group, and it has been able to provide the various fund managers easy access to the regulatory, legal together with operational solutions that are necessary for the trade of crypto assets.

The Caspian platform and what it offers

The fully developed Caspian portfolio and trading management system includes the PMS, RMS and the OEMs that have been able to cover the whole lifecycle of the trade. The company has been able to provide a single interface that can be used for all the major crypto exchanges that are in the market together with the OTC brokers.

The company has ensured they have created a complete suite of the best-sophisticated trading algorithms, historical and real-time P&L coupled with the exposure tracking and professional customer service just to ensure you get the best.

AK Jessen Group excited about the new move

According to the CEO of AKJ Crypto, Neal Mitra, with the help of the Caspian platform, they are sure they have a very powerful offering, thus, this will be able to put the crypto funds on the company platform to be in a very strong position for the future growth that will take place in the more mature market.

With the platform being powered by the Caspian institutional grade trading infrastructure then the AKJ Crypto troll has a complete turnkey solution that it is able to offer, and from this the plan on consolidating its position to be the go-to platform for the various institutional investors and the hedge fund managers who are seeking the best ways they can invest in digital assets.

The AK Jessen Group has about 24 years’ expertise in running a successful tier which is one hedge fund platform that will be able to establish the crypto offering.

With the new venture, it has been able to align with several leading providers within the industry, to ensure they are able to serve institutional money that is coming in the crypto world. And now having the Caspian technology in place, the portfolio and trading management solution that has been made available on their platform will take the AKJ places.

As a result, the AKJ will be able to offer a suite of services that every fund would need when getting into the crypto space, and are looking for a thriving trade.

Robert Dykes, who is the CEO of the Caspian and the TORA company, goes on to say that they have gotten into a significant partnership, as the AK Jessen Group has already been recognized by most of the hedge funds that are within the community.

They have been recognized as the driving force for continuous innovation, efficiency and transparency, and now it is starting to be famous for increasingly providing the best in the in-class access to the crypto space.

Dykes goes on to state that their business strategy is completely aligned as both companies are looking for ways to ensure that the professional investors and traders will be able to trade easily and seamlessly manage their current portfolio. It is clear with this partnership they will be able to deliver the future growth that will be needed in the current vibrant market.

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