Akaiito AIC ICO

What is Akaiito?

Akaiito is a new platform that is looking to make cryptocurrency usable in your everyday life. They have different sections like New eBay, Crypto Job, Crypto Map and New AirBnb. There is a whitepaper listing you can read in full on the website.

How Does Akaiito Work?

The company is a P2P platform that uses a [email protected] business model. There are 4 parts they will united apparently, the Online Market, Rent for Cars and Apartments, Service and the Online Map. Base for all the deals will be on the Smart Contract. Currency for payments are the AIC Token, other popular cryptocurrencies are usable as well. They can be transferred to the AIC token.

You can join Akaiito, which claims to be the platform of the future and enables you to use cryptocurrency on a daily basis. They really want to make crypto holdings realistic for use in your daily life.

The company offers an SSL Connection for ultimate security and to establish a link between the web server and browser. Smart Contracts are developed for ensuring that terms of agreements between buyers and sellers are safe and secure. They are directly written into the coding of projects.

Peer to Peer is a decentralized communication model that is ideal for each party with capabilities that ensure clear communication and keep all parties safe. It operates on a decentralized network that will be available from your computer. You can also access it from your mobile phone and it makes the platform convenient, unique, engaging and flexible as well as simple.

Cashback rewards work as incentives for credit card companies to get involved. A percentage of all spent amounts are paid to the personal holding the card used.

Who is Behind Akaiito?

Sergie Brek is the founder and hails from the Tallinn School of Economics. Katja Krolova is the CEO and hails from the Tallinn School of Technology. Denis Kanavin is Co-Founder and hails from the Tallinn University of Technology as well.

What is the ICO on Akaiito?

The company is in Pre-ICO and goes live on the 5th day. There is a special bonus of +60%. There is a total contribution of 126 ETH | 201 300 AIC. The numbers are updated every six hours.

There is also a friend’s bonus. And when a new partner is validated into the project, the investor receives a 2% bonus directly from the total investment amount given. The value invested by the partner just signing up should be bigger than the amount invested by investor who brought in the new partner. The minimum purchase to start is 5 ETH for investment purposes.

Vladislav Garbuzenko is the lead developer and hails from the Business Aarhus Academy in Denmark. Serhii Yelchenko is the project manager. Andrei Tesrdednik is a Lawyer from the University of Tartu. Aleksandr Rakutin is the Senior Developer. Zahar Deina is the Blockchain Expert on the team. Ksenia Deina is in SMM as is Dmitriy Plozkov and Eduarrd Shultzik.

For support there is Muhammad Netto. And the QA Engineer is Tamara Bazylko. Alexandr Karmyzov is the System administrator. There is also a massive team of advisors to help move the project along swiftly.

Akaiito AIC ICO Conclusion

The company has a real team of highly driven people. They operate with transparency and are looking to bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream marketplace. If you’re looking for a solid company with real authentic people, then Akaiito is likely the right company for you. If you want more information on them or their ICO, you can read more at Akaiito.io.


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