BCH-Powered Micro-Site Builder for Crowdfunding Launched by Akari

BCH-Powered Micro-Site Builder For Crowdfunding Launched by Akari

During the second week of May Akari Global Foundation, a group that aims to bolster bitcoin cash (BCH) adoption through its services, launched Akari-Pay, a one file BCH payment and donate page for BCH merchants and non-profits.

Now, this week, they announced the launch of a new service called, Akari-Pages, a free self-hosted bitcoin cash fundraiser micro-site creator. The pages are simple to set up and customize and they allow micro-funding using BCH, open-ended campaigns, goal levels, and progress percentages.

A spokesperson for Akari said,

“Now it is even easier to begin a Bitcoin Cash micro-crowd-fundraiser thanks to the Akari-Pages Builder (APB), a new tool that makes editing the microsite configuration files a snap.”

Akari Pay uses live updates from BitBoxEarth rest API to optionally show transaction notifications and receive donation totals for the user’s fund, added the team. They are now testing AKARI-PAY v0.1 on GitHub. Any existing website owner can directly link to their own Bitcoin Cash Donation or payment page without any charges on any of the gadgets like Tablets, Smartphones, Laptops and more.

Once the page is uploaded to the web host and the instructions are followed, the user can paste a link wherever he/she wishes to like, on Twitter, Facebook, DeviantArt, Twitch.tv, Reddit, Memo.Cash, BlockPress.com, etc.

On July 7th, Akari released a video that details how users can create a custom mini-site for fundraising and people can see all the APB fundraisers at bitfund.cash, which updates every time someone adds a page. They modified their Akari-Pay service with more features that aim to enhance Akari-Pages.

This project was launched after the first release of a similar application called Lighthouse.cash. The Lighthouse project was first created by Mike Hearn who stopped developing the idea so an anonymous developer has resurrected Lighthouse and ported it over from BTC to work with bitcoin cash.

The spokesperson added:

“We’ve made some enhancements to Akari-Pay too included in the bundle, now you can set all the details of your fundraising page, change the colors, add logos and banners, include links, add extra Imgur links, set goal-levels and set goal amounts, see live progress bars, set your bitcoin cash wallet receiving address.”

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