AKI Coin

AKI Coin is a new cryptocurrency that was designed by the AKI Group. In case you are not familiar with this company, the AKI Group exists since 1965 and it is a pioneer in the industry of luxury jewels and it has recently started to adopt the blockchain technology in its company. AKI Coin means Advanced Knowledge and Intelligence Coin.

What Is AKI Coin And The AKI Group?

The AKI Group, under the brand Camellia Diamond, product many luxury jewels. The company has more than 15 stores in Japan and it is currently expanding its business worldwide. By using the blockchain technology and the AKI Coins, this company will surely offer better results for its public.

The blockchain can be used to reduce the transactions costs whenever you buy jewelry and it makes the transactions transparent, which is important if you want to create a strong relationship with your clients and ensure that your business will continue to be strong for a long time.

Also, the technology might be a great way to improve the security of the users who start to trade by using AKI Coins because cryptocurrencies are generally considerably better and have more developed protocols than fiat currency.

How AKI Coin Blockchain Luxury Jewelry & Diamonds Token Works

The company is raising the funds to create an online diamond trading platform which will be the basis of AKI Coin. The new system will record a profile for every piece of diamond that the company has many parameters that will explain everything about it like serial number, shape, size and carat.

A handwritten signature will be required for every transaction that you will make using these tokens and the trades will all have certificates that will ensure that the diamonds are really yours. The AKI Group has acquired a technology that can be used to 3D scan a diamond and profile each piece with a unique ID. All this information will be stored on the blockchain after it is scanned.

This system can be used to prevent fraud and to create a whole new level of transparency and also the tokenization of the assets can be made as people can buy parts of tokens that they will be able to check at the time that they want to. The system can also be used to alert other investors quickly if something, like theft, ever happens.

When the system is complete, it will be used to connect consumers, dealers, jewelry stores, insurance companies, banks and appraisers. The development of the platform will most likely be complete at the beginning of 2019 and the operations will start on the second half of the year after the infrastructure of the company has been already improved.

AKI Coin ICO Details

The first phase of the AKI token sale has started on June 1 and it will continue until the end of the month with discounts of 30%. During July, the discounts will be 15% and 10% during August. Finally, September will still have 5% bonuses.

You will be able to buy 1 AKI token with 0.001 BTC or 0.01 ETH. The minimum purchase that you have to make is 4 AKI tokens 5 to participate in the sale. The company is planning to get $72 million HK (about 1 billion JPY) from the sale of 1,000,000 AKI tokens (a total of 2,300,000 AKI tokens will be ever issued).

The AKI tokens will be distributed in the following manners: 43% of the AKI tokens will go to investors, 13% as bonuses, 4% as “introducers”, 27% as reserve funds and 13% to the company’s founders.

If you are a token holder, you will be able to receive discounts that will range from 5% (10 AKI tokens or more) to 15% (5000 tokens or more) whenever you decide to buy something from the platform.

AKI Coin Conclusion

If you have a certain interest in the jewel industry, this is the time for you to pay more attention to this company. The sale will still have the maximum discount until the end of June, so it can definitely be a decent time to buy the AKI Coins if you are interested.

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