AKJ Crypto's AKJ Token To Change Investors And Institutions’ View Of Cryptos

AKJ Group’s initiative AKJ Crypto, has released its network’s token dubbed AKJ Token. AKJ Crypto asserts that the just released token is going to become the coin of choice for investors who wish to try out other digital assets. In a press statement released by AKJ Crypto, the AKJ Token features a multifaceted investible security unit. Additionally, is an important part of the latest repetition hedge fund platform of AKJ Crypto. This token provides to investors and institutions a reliable and legal access to cryptocurrency. Below are some of the features of the AKJ Token highlighted in the AKJ’s post.

AKJ Token Features

  • The token is a transferable security. This essential means that AKJ Crypto markets and sells the token to professional investors and institutions within the European Union.
  • The platform serves as a legal and regulatory option to trade hedge funds in virtual assets.
  • The platform allows token holding, an activity that enables AKJ Token holders to contribute to the expansion of the network and the cryptocurrency economy.
  • AKJ Token holders get rewards of up to 25% of net revenues from the platform’s business. The platform is deemed to start earning revenue as from the last quarter of 2018.
  • AKJ platform has an incentivization program allowing users to hold 2% of their AKJ Token investment. This feature encourages buyers from the external market to contribute to the platform.
  • The token is considerably stable and enjoys a low velocity
  • Hedge fund holders have the ability to effectively manage their assets
  • The token is a performance-free fund-of-funds and is well managed by a pool of professional fund managers

Official Statement

The AKJ Group Chairman, who is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Anders Kvamme Jensen explains how this token will benefit its users. The CEO said that the token will give real substance and value. He also said that the token is compliant with EU regulations and boasts of professional fund managers to ensure its effectiveness.

The CEO further said that the AKJ Token has features that reassure traditional investors and others that make it attractive to complex digital currency and assets investors. He affirmed that it is important to reassure the crypto-asset investors as most of them see the need to adopt quickly a system able to reach a mass audience in a short period.

Investors’ Benefits

  • Get services from top class asset managers
  • Users receive assistance in coordinating legal and market advisory relationships
  • Receive sponsorship in regulatory license
  • Users get a flexible and integrated trading structure
  • Availability of human support in operations, trading and systems

Background Information

AK Jensen Group Limited was established in 1995. It has since grown to managing hedge funds for clients in more than 35 countries. At the moment, the group has shareholders and subsidiaries owning more than $20 billion USD in assets which its managing.

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