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AKM Global promises to offer a blockchain solution to the fast food industry. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is AKM Global?

AKM Global, found online at AKMInvest.com, claims to be developing a “quality, fast, highly profitable solution for the fast food industry utilizing blockchain technology.” That blockchain platform would lead to a “worldwide network of smart bio food restaurants.”

The AKM Global crowdsale is taking place throughout October and November.

Basically, the goal of AKM Global is to automate certain aspects of fast food restaurant management using blockchain technology. The company plans to use blockchain to fully automate food preparation and service, making it possible for companies to drastically reduce personnel and operational costs.

The whitepaper specifically mentions the pizza market. Pizza restaurants are one example of a fast food restaurant that can significantly benefit through better organization built on blockchain technology.

AKM Global wants to open 5,000+ automated fast food restaurants around the world within 3 years. The company will start by focusing on pizza before branching out into other food and beverage spaces.

What Problems Does AKM Global Seek To Solve?

Basically, AKM Global wants to solve the core problems that fast food restaurant owners face on a daily basis, including:

  • High prices
  • Long waiting times for orders
  • Low-quality ingredients
  • A negative public perception of fast food products
  • Logistical issues

How Does AKM Global Work?

AKM Global’s whitepaper outlines an idea for a fully automated AKM Pizza Bio Food Restaurant. That restaurant would implement “several innovative decisions in agriculture, raw materials deep processing, equipment engineering, logistics, retailing, and customer service.”

Using blockchain technology, all aspects of this company’s process would be easily tracked. AKM Global will use blockchain in procurement, logistics, and customer service. It will create an efficient, reliable, and transparent system capable of responding to any customer’s needs.

Some of the key features behind the restaurant include self-serve touchscreens at tables. Customers sit down, order pizza, and complete payment directly from a terminal. There’s also an automated cleaning and disinfecting system, reducing the need for people to clean tables between diners.

Meanwhile, AKM Global eliminates the need for someone to cook a pizza. Their German engineers will develop an “AKM Smart Cook” system that can put together all pizza ingredients without the need for human intervention. The AKM Smart Cook system allows up to 24 different types of pizza to be prepared and served.

AKM Global claims their concept can reduce costs by 50%, giving pizza restaurants a significant advantage over their competition. They’re seeking rapid expansion for opening 60 fully equipped restaurants in Europe, Asia, Gulf Countries, the United States, and Canada. And, starting from 2019, they aim to offer a franchise option, allowing any interested party to open their own fully automated pizza restaurant.

Within 3 years, AKM Global expects to launch over 5,000 restaurants. After 10 years, they estimate they’ll have over 300,000 restaurants.

Pizza restaurants are the first target for AKM Global. However, the company plans to expand to organic supermarkets, ice cream and coffee shops, bakeries, beverages, and baby foods in the future.

AKM Pizza Bio Food Restaurant Features And Benefits

Here are some of the key features and benefits of the AKM Pizza restaurant as outlined in the whitepaper:

  • Overall reduction of overhead costs, including personnel costs and operating costs
  • Fully automated preparation of pizza (dough, sauce, and topping), which means only service personnel are required to be staffed at the restaurant
  • Automatic delivery of an order
  • Tables for 4 to 6 people with a touchscreen display and payment terminals, as well as a fully automated cleaning and disinfecting system
  • Fresh and organic ingredients of the highest quality with no additives and preservatives, with Halal options available
  • Fast service (40 to 180 seconds)
  • Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Lower space requirements, which reduces leasing and property procurement costs
  • Customers can order food at their table or take it away

The AKM Global Token Sale

The AKM coin crowdsale launched on September 30 and lasts until November 10. There’s no limit to the crowdsale. The more money the company raises, the faster they can expand worldwide.

Coins are set at a price of 1 ETH = 1,250 AKM.

As a minimum goal, the company is hoping to raise 6,700 ETH.

73.50% of the total supply of tokens is being sold during the crowdsale. 25% is going to the AKM Global Foundation. And 1.50% is going to engineering, marketing, and advisors bonuses.

AKM Global has a unique feature during its crowdsale: if you invest more than 10 ETH, then your investment is secured by fine gold (99.99% purity), with a calculation of 1 gram of fine gold per 1 ETH of investment. You’ll receive a certificate for that fine gold.

Bonuses are available throughout the token sale, including bonuses of 30% during the first week.

Who’s Behind AKM Global?

AKM Global is a Cologne, Germany-based company founded in 2008. The company is led by founder and CEO Rem Maer, who has been interested in launching a fully automated fast food restaurant for several years.

Other key members of the team include Waldemar Albach, Head of Engineering, who has 35+ years of experience as an architect/engineer.

AKM Global Conclusion

AKM Global is an ambitious project to launch thousands of automated fast food restaurants around the world within 3 years. The Cologne-based company plans to use German engineering to create smart restaurants. These smart restaurants will initially focus on the fast food pizza industry: the smart kitchen will prepare a pizza without human intervention. Meanwhile, customers can order food from touchscreens located at their tables.

Overall, AKM Global envisions a future where fully automated fast food restaurants are distributed around the world. You can participate in the company’s ambitious plans by buying AKM tokens today.

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