Akropolis (AKT Token) Plans To Neutralize The Pension Fund Ticking Time Bomb Using Blockchain Technology

All over the world, the pension industry is in a calamitous situation. Pension programs in many nations across the world are abominably undercapitalized and are rapidly moving towards bankruptcy. A case in point is the Russian Pension fund which is anticipated to double this year, a grim situation to many pensioners in Russia.

The combined shortfall in funding public pension obligations in twenty OECD nations is about $78 trillion, according to a report by Citibank. This is a situation which ultimately threatens to deny many pensioners their well-deserved benefits in their old age.

All over the world, the retirement age population is expected to grow from 600 million to well over two million people by 2050. It is forecasted that by then, as compared to the current state where there are four workers per one retire, there will be eight workers per one retiree.

Expanding Global Retirement Gap

Additionally, the global retirement savings gap is also likely to expand to $400 trillion, up from the current $70 trillion, according to the estimates by World Economic Forum. It is therefore vital that something has to be done before it is too late. This is because the growing inflation, financial crisis, and the collapsing of financial institutions are unfavourable.

The current financial state of the world enhances the susceptibility of the current pension systems, which in many ways, is too redundant to survive the harsh fiscal conditions. It is on this backdrop that Akropolis seeks to solve this situation by establishing a decentralized, clear and lasting pension ecosystem.

Akropolis aims at building this ecosystem to supervise and administer retirement savings, paving the way for a safer fiscal future for all pensioners. The company intends to make use of the blockchain-based solution, which will ultimately alter the way long term investments are made and therefore help people to save for old age.

Akropolis To Provide The Following Competences:

  • People will be in a position to safely transfer their investments to Akropolis, thus using the system as an option to the conventional pension fund.
  • Applications and developers can position their products on the platform, thus receiving rewards in AKT crypto tokens.
  • Government and corporate pension funds will be able to reinforce their portfolios and offer intelligibility and answerability.
  • Institutional investors will also be able to make payments to the platform expansion with the eventual objective of sharing future revenues.

The presence of a blockchain-based system that is transparent and holds everybody answerable will be instrumental in inspiring people, especially young workers to engage in the system. Eventually, the availability of vigorous and sustainable pension programs could strengthen the industry and ultimately defuse the unpredictable condition of pensions.

ICO Details

Akropolis plans to launch a crowd sale in June, targeting to raise $25 million. This will be used in developing the technology behind the project and further strengthen its strong team with talented experts in the industry.

  • The company has a limited supply of AKTs to 900 million
  • Only 40% to be sold during the sale
  • Its token price is set at $0.069
  • The USD/ETH exchange rate to be fixed 48 hours before the token generation event
  • A private pre-sale is ongoing.

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