Alena Vranova Calls Casa Crypto Custodial Service the Safest Ever on The Bitcoin Podcast

Alena Vranova Talks With The Bitcoin Podcast About the Casa Crypto Custodial Service

In a recent interview with The Bitcoin Podcast, Alena Vranova talked about the Casa cryptocurrency custodial service. Alena Vranova is the Head of Strategy and Business Development at the Casa cryptocurrency custodial service and founder of Satoshi Labs and Trezor.

During the interview, she discussed about different topics related to virtual currencies. At the same time, she talked about the Casa custodial service and the Casa Node that was recently released to the market.

The Casa Node is a Bitcoin Lightning node that has been specifically developed in order to be easy to use and specifically designed to offer an -out-of-the-box functionality. The Casa Node has a pre-installed copy of the Bitcoin blockchain.

According to Alena Vranova, the node is produced by Casa using the Raspberry Pis. At the same time, in order to enhance user experience and create an easy-to-use atmosphere, the interface was created by the famous Tinder designer Scott Hurff. This provides usability and improves usability.

At the same time, Casa is currently offering a custodial service that is known as Key Master service. However, the company is not fully responsible for the private keys of their clients. Instead, Casa works by instructing users on how to develop their own security services. At the same time, they provide assistance on the matter 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Users working with Casa learn how to distribute their private keys and store them in different locations. As private keys are dispersed in different places, criminals would not target high net worth individuals in such an easy way. Casa assumes that the costs for criminals increases (risk) exponentially and would think it twice before targeting a high net worth individuals.

At the same time, Casa will always have a backup key held in case the user needs additional help to deal with his funds. The Key Master is a ‘concierge service’ that has a $10,000 cost per year.

Furthermore, hardware wallets are still one of the best solutions for other users that want to store their funds. Leaving the funds on crypto platforms such as exchanges is not the best solution since hackers can target the platform and steal users’ funds.

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