Alethena is a new company that aims to serve as a platform where potential investors can view ratings and information about ICOs. The company is based in Switzerland and touts itself as the “first Swiss ICO and Blockchain-Asset Rating Agency.” They claim to be transparent, independent, and neutral, as they hope to bring established investors into the blockchain by helping them determine what ICOs are worthwhile investments.

About Alethena (ATH Token)

The Alethena website lists 14 employees, including four co-founders, as well as staff members with following job titles:

  • Chief Scientific Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Software Engineer
  • Community Manager & Growth Hacker
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Visual Designer
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • UI/UX Designer

The four co-founders are Pascal Marco Caversaccio (CEO), Markus Hartman (President), Alexander Thoma (CFO), and Tim Glaus (COO). Three of the four have a background that relates to banking and finance. Caversaccio, meanwhile, has a background in financial research and strategy. He also brought into the cryptocurrency trend early on.

How Alethena Works

As mentioned, Alethena will serve as a rating agency for ICOs. Companies may pay an initial fee to join Alethena and then will receive an unbiased listing of their strengths and weaknesses. Meanwhile, registered Alethena users will be able to see those ratings, as will the companies themselves. As a result, ICOs will be able to see where they stand against similar companies on the market. On the other hand, investors can see what ICOs are highly rated by Alethena’s rating system to determine what ones may make wise investments.

Alethena has developed what they believe is a fair rating system based on four dimensions that have been broken into 17 clusters and 62 total factors. Those four dimensions are as follows:

  • Business
  • Governance
  • Legal
  • Technical

Alethena also has its own cryptocurrency called the Alethena token. Those who invest in the company and receive Alethena will either have voting rights and may receive dividends.

Alethena (ATH Token) ICO Details

Alethena will host its own pre-ICO from May 23 to May 30, 2018. That will be followed by the official ICO from June 6 to June 27, 2018. The Alethena token is based on the ERC20 and has a symbol of ATH. During the ICO, there will be a soft cap of 3 million CHF, which is the Swiss Franc. There will be a hard cap of 30 million CHF. Investors who sign up during the pre-ICO will receive a 20% bonus. There will also be a bonus during the first few days of the official ICO that will gradually decrease every few days.


Alethena Features

On the surface, there’s a lot to like about Alethena. They appear to have a well-qualified and well-structured staff running the show. The company also appears to have a well thought out methodology for rating ICOs. The Alethena also claims that each project will be given equal treatment, there will be constant monitoring and updates, and that there will be a portfolio management setup that’s user-friendly. As a Swiss company, they claim that neutrality will be one of their strengths, which obviously makes sense.

With the Alethena rating system dividing everything into four dimensions, and ultimately 62 factors, companies will be able to see the areas where they stand out and the areas where they need to improve. There are obvious benefits to this from the company’s perspective, as long as you don’t mind risking a negative review. It also works from the investor’s point of view, as they can decide what rating factors they value the most and look for ICOs that excel in those areas.

Of course, it all boils down to how much trust you put into Alethena’s rating system. There’s also no guarantee Alethena will catch on, which would limit the number of ICOs being rated on the platform. However, as an ICO rating agency, Alethena definitely has strong potential.

Is Alethena Right for You?

If you are a startup with an ICO or you’re in the pre-ICO phase, Alethena may be right for you. Also, if you are an investor who has an interest in cryptocurrencies, Alethena may be right for you. The company is unique in that it appeals to both companies and investors. Obviously, the rating platform will only be successful if companies buy into Alethena and want to be rated, but on first glance, it appears to be a nice method helping companies attract attention from investors while giving investors useful information about ICOs.

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