According to data that can be found online, Alfa-Bank was founded in the early 90’s with the aim of providing customers with various investment options (within the global financial market). Some of the services that Alfa Bank provides its customer base with include:

  • Private and Corporate lending
  • Monetary deposits, payments and account services
  • Seamless exchange of various fiat currencies
  • Cash handling and maintenance
  • Investment banking

The company runs its base operations from Moscow, and presently has 723 fully functional trade centres/offices all across the globe (this includes countries like Netherlands, United Kingdom, Greece, Cyprus etc). Statistically speaking, Alfa-Bank has over 23 thousand workers on its payroll and has served a total of 381 600 corporate customers and 14.2 million retail clients.

What’s on Offer Here?

(i) Personal Investment Services: According to the company’s official website, Alfa Bank provides all of its customers with the option of opening a trading account via which they can “perform brokerage transactions” in a simple and straightforward manner. All of the trades are executed via the the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) as well as the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE).

However, it should be mentioned at this point that in order to perform any transactions on the aforementioned stock exchanges, customers need to have access to a fully functional trading account Alfa Finance in Greece (which is further connected to a bank account at Alfa Bank Cyprus Ltd). Failing to meet these requirements can lead to a non-clearance of transactions in a timely fashion.


  • Variety of services: though the use of this platform, customers can gain access to many “brokerage and investment services”.
  • Safe: All of the transactions and transfers that go through within the system are done so via the use of a method called “direct clearance”.
  • Money Security: in order to prevent any monetary lapses, all of the debit transactions are only processed after a buy order has been executed.
  • Low Fees: the bank charges a low processing fee on all of its transactions.

(ii) Alfa Express Banking: as the name suggests, this is an “advanced 24 hour service” that allows for the facilitation of electronic transactions in a completely digitized and streamlined manner. Some of the core aspects of this service include:

  • Simple to Use: the interface comes loaded with a user friendly environment that is fully customizable.
  • Transactional Security: through the use of a protocol called “Alfa Safe Access”, this platform is able to secure all of our transactions quite well.
  • Updates + Notifications: the application allows for the issuance of ‘automatic updates’ on any transactions that have taken place within the users profile via SMS.
  • Automated: though the use of an ‘automatic payroll system’, this service can help execute transfers in a completely seamless manner.
  • Receipts: all transactions are accounted for via the use of receipts that can be downloaded and viewed by customers at any time.

(iii) Alfa Payroll: another important service provided by Alfa Bank is its unique ”Payroll scheme” that offers customers with a wide array of unique and exclusive privileges. Some of the core aspects of this service include:

  • Access: employees have the ability to make cash withdrawals at any time without having to issue notices etc.
  • (ii) Good Interest Rates: users get a good interest rate on each and every dollar that is stored in their bank account. In addition to this, this system also allows for credit services to be availed of.
  • (iii) ATM Services: according to the official company website, all withdrawals done from Alfa Bank ATMs incur no processing fees at all.

How Do I Sign Up For Alfa-Bank?

To participate in the various aforementioned services being provided by Alfa Bank, users can visit their official website, and click on the ‘Register’ button. There are quite a few formalities that need to be completed before we can have access to a running account, and the documents can take some days before they are verified from the company’s side.

For any doubts, queries regarding the services or the schemes being offered, customers can get in touch with company officials either via email [email protected], or by calling them on (+357) 22888888.

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