alfa token

AlfaToken is an upcoming cryptocurrency marketplace that hopes to provide financial services typical to the conventional banking industry, but with better terms and features. It is an automated crypto marketplace that is made up of three pillars: crowdfunding, lending, and saving. It enables users to lend, borrow, issue, margin trade, and earn interest on cryptocurrency.

About ALFA ICO Crowd Funding & Lending

Crowd funding is the biggest pillar of AlfaToken. The platform issues its Secured Automated Smart Contracts Technology to users to enable them to create smart contracts and issue their own tokens. It is a simplified platform that eliminates the need for programming or blockchain jargon and, instead, allows users to do all that by simply filling in a form. It also eliminates the need for waiting for days or weeks as is the case with developing manual smart contracts.

Lending is also a big pillar of this platform, and there are three services involved to get loans:

Loans Secured By Tokens

This service is dubbed AlfaLoanTM. It brings together a pool of lenders willing to issue loans to the platform’s users. However, you need to have your own tokens to qualify for a loan. Borrowers are required to issue their tokens as a security for the loans they get. The loans can be used to finance their crypto-projects if they are short on cash. It is also an ideal investment for those seeking to benefit from high-interest rates on their cryptocurrency assets.

Loans Secured By Cryptocurrency

This service is dubbed AlfaMarginTM. It enables users to get loans by short-selling on virtually any crypto exchange. It also provides crypto exchanges with liquidy, hence allowing them to enable traders to trade on margin. To make this possible, the service will be integrated directly with crypto exchanges by the platform’s API.

Loans Secured By Tokenized Real Estates

This service is dubbed AlfaGagesTM. It issues mortgages on blockchain technology. Users will be able to get P2P loans in cryptocurrency forms that they can use to purchase real estate. To make it safe and secure, AlfaToken will create fool-proof transaction records that will support immediate settlements.


This service is dubbed AlfaDepositTM. It allows users to save their unused crypto funds on its platforms and earn interests in return. The platform will use the users’ savings to finance its other services involving crowd funding and lending.

A Blockchain-Customized, Minimal-Risk Platform

AlfaToken has undertaken an ambitious project that will be data and security intensive. To ensure that it is a success, it has adopted the best security technology currently in the blockchain market. For starters, it is banking on the fact that blockchain assets are easily divisible, liquefiable, and fungible, unlike traditional collateral. Additionally, the platform will be operating as a layer on top of any permissioned or public blockchain. This will allow the platform to use underlying assets to access the marketplace.

AlfaToken is currently running its pre-ICO. Investors are taking keen interest in the platform, and its value is expected to appreciate over the coming months.

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